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Ep. 106: #SábadoSabio – Se Honesto Contigo Mismo

Se Honesto Contigo Mismo

Se Honesto Contigo MismoEl mensaje de este Sábado Sabio es sobre la honestidad y la importancia de ser honesto contigo mismo. Cuando dejé de trabajar en WOWW Campaign después que falleció mi abuelita, supe que la tristeza me estaba paralizando de cierta forma. Pero hasta que no me pregunté cosas difíciles que hizo que evaluara mi relación con ella, no fue que realmente pude entender de donde venía mi duelo. La honestidad fue la puerta que abrió ese camino y permitió que llegara al fondo de la situación.

Les aconsejo que sean honestos cuando evalúen su contribución a varias situaciones y circunstancias porque permite que sigamos desarrollando nuestro entorno personal. Aspirar a ser mejor individuos nos beneficia de muchas formas ya sea en nuestra vida personal o profesional. El episodio de hoy platica del porque esto es fundamental y como contribuimos a nuestras relaciones personales cuando decidimos tomar responsabilidad.



Ep. 105: WOWW – Keep It Real With Yourself

Keep It Real With Yourself

Keep It Real With YourselfBefore I launched the WOWW Campaign podcast, I took about 18 months off from entrepreneurship. I knew I was grieving the death of my grandmother, but I had no idea why our relationship was so significant in my life. “Love” was not enough of an explanation and so I waited to understand so I could move on with my life and get back to the work I love doing, which is inspiring women through storytelling.

One of the things that shifted my life drastically was when I began to be honest with myself by answering some of the hardest questions I’ve ever asked. In order to uncover the root of my pain, I had to face aspects of myself and my past that I had previously kept hidden from the world. As I’ve said in other podcast episodes, it all starts with self-awareness.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of being honest with ourselves and how doing this is the gateway to many other things. Positive change results from having the courage and humility to admit to ourselves what we’ve been avoiding. I was able to launch the podcast and feel more motivated than ever when I understood where my fear came from because it separated me from the fear itself. The more I understood cause and effect, the less I revolved my identity around this emotion. “Keeping it real with yourself” paves the way for a path of self-discovery and introspection that often leads to a more fulfilling life because we become less afraid of experiencing the range of emotions that accompany all of our experiences. There’s nothing scarier than facing ourselves and once this can be done, everything else is confronted with less fear.



Ep. 104: Janna Ronert, Founder & CEO of Image Skincare

Janna Ronert Image Skincare

Janna Ronert Image SkincareJanna Ronert is the Founder and CEO of IMAGE Skincare. In this interview, she shares what she’s learned as an entrepreneur for the past fifteen years. At each stage of her business, Janna has evolved into a different leader and also acquired insight into what it takes to run a successful company.

Janna’s story is one of perseverance and the power of determination. She’s a woman with tenacity that is not afraid to push through the obstacles. Janna shares her initial financial struggles as an entrepreneur and how she didn’t allow that to discourage her. In every aspect of her life, Janna believes in planning and setting boundaries in order to give the moment at-hand her undivided attention.

Whether it’s managing her family dynamics or learning how to better manage people, Janna shares what characteristics she believes make a difference when it comes to assimilating into each role. She’s an inspirational woman that has set and accomplished goals through hard work and dedication. Enjoy the interview with Janna Ronert.



Ep. 103: #SábadoSabio – Deja Ir El Pasado

Deja Ir El Pasado

Deja Ir El PasadoMuchas veces, como enfrentamos el presente tiene mucho que ver con nuestro pasado. Ya sea en temas de negocios o relaciones personales, los eventos que nos causaron daño dictan como actuamos cuando volvemos a estar en una situación similar. El mensaje de hoy es sobre la importancia de dejar ir el pasado.

El rechazo deja heridas muy profundas que si no las reconocemos, pueden afectar nuestra vida mucho después que haya sucedido el hecho. A veces dejamos de confiar en otros seres humanos, incluyendo nosotros mismos, debido a que hicimos algo mal o porque alguien nos hizo daño. Al cerrar nuestro corazón a las posibilidades de como pueden evolucionar nuevas relaciones, estamos perdiendo de oportunidades que tal vez nos sirvan para bien. Al dejar ir el pasado, estamos tomando la decision de abrirnos nuevamente y descubrir que todas las situaciones son diferentes y muchas veces, lo que sigue es para nuestro bien.

El pasado es poderosos pero solo si le depositamos energía. En el episodio de hoy, les platico de como “dejar ir el pasado” me ayudó de distintas formas pero solo cuando me di cuenta del impacto que tuvo hacer todo lo contrario. Espero que este mensaje los inspire a vivir mas en el presente y analizar de que forma estamos dejando que nuestras circunstancias anteriores sigan dictando nuestros pasos.



Joy and Cici Unfiltered – Oprah’s Speech at the Golden Globes, Definition of Supportive People, Life Lessons and What We’ve Learned From Previous Relationships

Joy and Cici Unfiltered

Joy and Cici UnfilteredWelcome to the first episode of the year of Joy and Cici Unfiltered. Twice per month, Joy Pecoraro and Cici B. (AKA The Crimson Kiss) do a collaboration where no topic is off-limits. From relationships, ex boyfriends, sex and newsworthy topics, Joy and Cici aren’t afraid to have open discussions that will hopefully lead to productive and insightful conversations. The purpose is not only to provide entertainment, but to also give the audience a multi-dimensional perspective that will encourage other purposeful conversations beyond the scope of this podcast collaboration.

In today’s episode, some of the discussion you’ll hear will be related to the following topics and subjects:

  • Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes
  • Empowering women of color
  • How the world benefits when we inspire one another
  • Their opinion on Gayle King and Stedman Graham in Oprah’s life
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with supportive individuals
  • Cici B.’s surprise announcement
  • A sneak peek into the subject of Cici B.’s upcoming book
  • What unconditional love from a person looks like
  • The importance of faith in each of their lives
  • Lessons from ex-boyfriends
  • Joy’s recent unexpected experience that led to more lessons about relationships

Enjoy today’s episode of #JoyandCiciUnfiltered on the WOWW Campaign podcast!



Ep. 102: WOWW – Don’t Bring Your Past Into Your Present

Don't Bring Your Past Into Your Present

Don't Bring Your Past Into Your PresentToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about choosing to start again and not allowing your past to dictate your present actions. Because we’ve all been hurt, rejected, betrayed and disappointed, it’s important to remain aware of how these emotions leave scars that later manifest in different ways.

Many times, we react based on what we’ve previously been through, but these reactions aren’t always positive and often, close us off from the possibility of experiencing new people, relationships and opportunities. The purpose of today’s podcast episode is to remind women everywhere that while it’s important to learn from the past, it’s even more important to make a conscious effort not to allow the scars that remain in our hearts to pave the way of our future.

In both our personal and professional life, there will be hardships and challenging times. But choosing to start again requires us to continue putting our best foot forward. We should strive to give our present everything we have in order to avoid regret. “Don’t bring your past into your present” is about cherishing the lessons that painful experiences left behind but appreciating the “new” for what it is: the opportunity to begin again and create new memories that just might surprise us.



Ep. 101: #SábadoSabio – Un Paso A La Vez

Un Paso A La Vez

Un Paso A La VezEl año 2017 fue la primera vez que logré completar todas las resoluciones que me propuse al principio del año. Cuando analicé las razones que me permitieron lograr estas metas, llegue a la conclusión que todo empezó con pasos pequeños. Lo importante fue decidir tomar un paso todos los días que iba hacia una meta más grande.

El objetivo del mensaje de hoy es inspirarlos a tomar el primer paso en su resolución y mantener esa consistencia diariamente. La suma de muchas acciones consistentes resultan en hechos positivos que forman parte de un panorama mas completo. Al visualizar sus resoluciones del año nuevo, es fundamental también darle importancia a los hechos que forman parte de esa meta.

Este episodio del podcast también da testimonios personales que comparan los años donde las resoluciones no se lograron contra el único año donde si logré todos mis objetivos. Les deseo un próspero año nuevo lleno de lecciones, introspección y mucha felicidad. Que este Sábado Sabio sea el primero de muchos que siguen!



Ep. 100: WOWW – One Step At A Time

2017 was the first year I kept and completed my New Year’s Resolutions and when I analyzed the reasons why this actually happened, it was due to small actions that I took every single day. Naturally, I want to be able to do this in 2018 as well, so what better message to kick off the New Year than a lesson about what I learned from my New Years Resolutions these past twelve months.

What I realized was that everything began with one step. Instead of focusing on the big picture, I chose to focus my attention on small things I could do on a daily basis because thinking of where I’d rather be was too overwhelming.

The New Year is a time to reflect and begin again, which is why many people set new intentions and goals for the coming year. New Year’s Resolutions are frequently made but seldom kept and until last year, I was one of those people, too. Today’s episode discusses what finally ignited the launch of the WOWW Campaign podcast and how I was able to complete 99 episodes in one year.

Taking action and changing things in your life doesn’t happen overnight and often times, requires consistent patience. All of the great leaders of the world we know of today also started somewhere and began from zero. The intention behind today’s message is to encourage you to look at your New Year’s Resolutions with a different perspective so the chances that they’re accomplished become greater and manageable. Wishing everyone a year full of prosperity joy!



Ep. 099: #SábadoSabio – Lecciones De Los Primeros 99 Episodios

Lecciones De Los Primeros 99 Episodios

Lecciones De Los Primeros 99 EpisodiosEste episodio de Sábado Sabio es sobre el emprendimiento y las lecciones que he aprendido en los primeros 99 episodios. Aunque el camino de todas las emprendedoras sea diferente, todos tenemos el poder de aprender algo de nuestras experiencias.

Grabar, editar y publicar los primeros 99 episodios no ha sido fácil y ha requerido de mucho esfuerzo y tenacidad. La bendición detrás de todas las experiencias son las lecciones, lo cual decidí compartirlas con todos ustedes.

Las tres lecciones que platico en el episodio de hoy giran alrededor de la creatividad, iniciativa, y planificación. Muchos emprendedores no cuentan con inversiones grandes cuando lanzan su negocio. Tener pocos recursos económicos ha resultado en una abundancia de creatividad que ha servido para crecer nuestra iniciativa y plataforma. La segunda lección habla sobre la importancia de tomar iniciativa y como este hecho es mas importante que cualquier idea de negocio que alguien puede tener. La tercer lección vino cuando empecé a planificar muchos distintos aspectos de mi vida personal y profesional. En el episodio escucharan en detalle como estas tres lecciones se han manifestado y porque las elegí como las mas importantes del año.

Publicar los primeros 99 episodios del podcast ha sido un sueño hecho realidad. Me siento privilegiada de poder crear contenido que inspira a mujeres en todas partes del mundo y espero que este siguiente año me traiga mucha mas inspiración y lecciones que pueda seguir compartiendo con todos ustedes. Gracias por ser mi acompañante en este camino lleno de tesoros e introspección.



Ep. 097: Evelyn Ordoñez, Gerente General de La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences

la reunion antigua

la reunion antiguaEvelyn Ordoñez es Gerente General de La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences en Guatemala. La entrevista con Evelyn Ordoñez incluye consejos y experiencias sobre su vida personal y profesional que servirán para inspirar a mujeres profesionales, mamás solteras, emprendedoras, y muchas más.

Evelyn comparte su sabiduría en el podcast de WOWW Campaign a través de testimonios personales de cómo logró superar circunstancias difíciles y a la vez, siempre mantener su perspectiva positiva. En este episodio, escucharán cómo las estrellas se fueron alineando a tal punto que finalmente tuvo la oportunidad de ser candidata para el puesto que hoy ocupa en La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences.

Evelyn Ordoñez es una mujer que ha innovada no solo en su lugar de trabajo, pero también en su vida personal. Evelyn tomó oportunidades que eventualmente sirvieron para desarrollar sus objetivos y fueron el empuje que la ayudaron llegar a donde está el día de hoy. Evelyn comparte cómo sus responsabilidades en La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences ha permitido que ella implemente sus características de mujer, líder e innovadora.



Joy and Cici Unfiltered – Lessons and Highlights From 2017, New Years Resolutions and Goals For 2018

Joy and Cici Unfiltered

Joy and Cici UnfilteredIn the last episode of the year, Joy and Cici Unfiltered discuss the lessons and highlights of 2017 including experiences with friends that have transformed the dynamics of relationships in their lives.

Cici B. and Joy Pecoraro talk about the takeaways from friendships that have ended this past year and current situations that require various straightforward communication strategies. As entrepreneurs, they also discuss their current schedule that allows for flexibility, but also requires them to work around schedules that many individuals struggle understanding and which then leads to boundaries being implemented. As usual, their conversation is full of present-day situations that may cause you to reflect on your own life and circumstances that also provide listeners with entertainment. They share what they’ve been through and where they’re headed in this coming year in a genuine and authentic manner that hopefully resonates with many listeners. You’ll hear their personal stance on New Years Resolutions and what their future professional intentions entail as well as what they’ve learned from setting previous goals.

Wishing all Joy and Cici Unfiltered listeners a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!



Ep. 096: WOWW-3 Lessons Learned From The First 99 Episodes

3 Things I've Learned From Recording The First 99 Episodes

3 Things I've Learned From Recording The First 99 EpisodesCrazy to think that one year ago, I was visualizing what it would be like to have the WOWW Campaign podcast launched. One year later, I’m writing about the lessons learned that this journey has taught me these past 12 months as a result of recording the first 99 episodes.

My goal was to publish one episode per week, so to have 99 episodes recorded feels somewhat surreal, but immensely gratifying. Although this path hasn’t been easy, it’s been enlightening and well worth the challenge. I’ve learned a plethora of lessons that I hope will help to inspire other entrepreneurs and encourage people to keep going.

As you’ll hear in this podcast episode, some of my darkest times have been my greatest teachers and sources of inspiration for new projects. Aside from absorbing the lessons learned, I’ve remained hungry for discovery because knowledge and evolution is infinite. I’m certain that the next 99 episodes will bring new lessons, new experiences, and new sources of inspiration. But for now, I leave you with an episode about scarcity, planning, winning, loss, consistency, and the importance of taking initiative. Enjoy!



Ep. 095: #SábadoSabio – No Puedes Hacerlo Sola

No Puedes Hacerlo Sola

No Puedes Hacerlo SolaCargar la responsabilidad del mundo puede ser muy exhausto. Hacer todo sola nos saca la energía fisicamente y emocionalmente, lo cual es importante encontrar un sistema de apoyo. El mensaje de hoy es sobre el hecho de que “los grandes” no lograron el éxito solos – todos han tenido familiares, amigos o conocidos que han servido de apoyo emocional, especialmente durante momentos difíciles.

En el podcast, he entrevistado a muchas mujeres líderes de distintas partes del mundo y lo que todas han tenido en común es que tienen presente que han llegado donde están con ayuda de alguien o un pensamiento que alimenta la idea que se necesita de los demás. En este episodio de Sábado Sabio, platico de como mi fe me ha servido de muchas formas positivas. Creer en algo más grande que yo me ha dado la motivación necesaria para seguir adelante y dejar ir situaciones y circunstancias que demuestran no servir para bien. En vez de ahogarme en los hechos que no han resultado a mi favor, elijo creer que todo está sucediendo como debe de ser. Lo único que podemos hacer es presentarnos, dar lo mejor que tenemos, y dejar el resto en las manos del Universo.

El aislamiento tiene el poder de llevarnos a lugares muy oscuros y depresivos, lo cual espero que el mensaje de hoy nos recuerde de la importancia de la unión y comunidad.



Ep. 094: Elsie Escobar & Jessica Kupferman, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Jessica Kupferman & Elsie Escobar, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Jessica Kupferman & Elsie Escobar, Hosts and Founders of She PodcastsElsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman are the Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts. In this interview, they talk about how and why they started She Podcasts, where their community is today, life lessons they’ve learned, entrepreneurship and overcoming personal challenges.

Elsie and Jessica first started the She Podcasts Facebook community because they saw a need in the marketplace for female podcasters. Today, She Podcasts is a Facebook group of 7,000 members that serves as a network of support for women interested in gaining more knowledge about podcasting. Their own podcast came as a direct result of their group asking that a podcast like theirs exist.

With digital marketing experience, they launched their successful podcast that today helps many women start their own platform or grow what they currently have. This journey has taught them both many lessons and left them with experiences that they share during today’s episode. You’ll gain insight about leadership and how they’ve each stepped into their ever-evolving roles.

Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman also talk about the impact their personal life has had and what experiences and circumstances shifted their recent perspective. Enjoy today’s interview!



Ep. 093: WOWW-You Can’t Do It Alone

You Can't Do It Alone

You Can't Do It AloneI’ve interviewed many female leaders and there’s a common denominator that was the inspiration behind today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, neighbor, or your faith, we all rely on something/someone to remind us we’re not in this alone. I discuss how some of my darkest moments that came after my grandmother’s passing was due to extreme feelings associated with loneliness, which in turn led to isolation and despair.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the purpose of today’s message is to encourage unity because regardless of our path, we need other people to navigate some of life’s challenges. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how my faith ultimately played a positive role in my depression and was a catalyst to my recovery. Believing in something greater and ultimately, the thought that someone was by my side guiding my steps gave me strength because alone, the thought of doing life was too much to do on my own.

“You can’t do it alone” is a message I hope leaves women feeling inspired to not only help others, but also seek help for themselves. Independence is great, but it’s not the ultimate source of power and I do believe that because we need one another, we’re all better together.



Ep. 092: Katherine Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic

Katherine Ryder

Katherine RyderKatherine Ryder is the Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic. Maven is a women’s health company where women have the opportunity to be connected to family health providers through a digital clinic. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear Katherine share her experiences as an entrepreneur, wife, mother and journalist.

Katherine Ryder was a journalist when she decided to do something about the fact that women are underserved in the healthcare system. Maven Clinic was created from a need in the marketplace that today helps women with a wide range of healthcare needs.

During this interview with Katherine Ryder, you’ll hear her thoughts regarding “balance” and what she’s learned about managing all of her roles simultaneously. Katherine also discusses how her perspectives about women’s health began to shift when she became a mother and experienced first-hand what the healthcare system had to offer. From mental health to OBGYN needs, Maven caters to all of women’s needs that we see today.

Enjoy this insightful interview with Katherine Ryder, a woman in technology who’s changing healthcare access and paving the way for other female entrepreneurs who aspire to turn their passion into their profession, while managing to have a healthy relationship with their career and personal life.



Ep. 091: #SábadoSabio-El Autocuidado No Es Egoísta

El Autocuidado No Es Egoísta

El Autocuidado No Es Egoísta¿Que significa ‘autocuidado’? Para mí, esa palabra se refiere hacia el cuidado a uno mismo, lo cual principia con ser honesto con uno misma y tomar prioridad en cuidarse tanto físicamente como emocionalmente.

El episodio de este Sábado Sabio es sobre la importancia del autocuidado y porque es importante quererse uno mismo antes de ejercer amor hacia los demás. En este episodio van escuchar porque siento que es importante hacer cosas que queremos hacer, y no solo dedicarnos a cosas obligatorias. Al tomar decisiones sobre nuestras acciones, tenemos que analizar si lo hacemos porque eso espera la sociedad de nosotros. Ultimamente, me doy cuenta que me sentía culpable de no tener un pasatiempo o algún hobby fuera del podcast.

Al poner este tema en perspectiva, llegue a la conclusión que todos lo relacionado con WOWW Campaign me hace muy feliz, lo cual lo considero una gran parte de mi autocuidado. Aunque muchos no comparten esta idea, lo mas importante para mi ha sido mantenerme honesta del porque hago el podcast y porque es necesario para mi salud mental y emocional.

Espero que este episodio del podcast los deje pensativos y analizando partes de sus vidas para que le den mas importancia a los temas que nos llena el espíritu o nos hace mejor individuos. Entre más nos enseñamos a nosotros mismos, más amor le podemos dar a los que nos rodean.



Ep. 090: Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho OrganicsHeidi Lovig is the Founder of Heidi Ho Organics. You may recognize Heidi Loving due to an appearance on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank when she pitched her business to the sharks and landed an investment with Lori Greiner. Heidi is a chef and now an entrepreneur who is focused on promoting female entrepreneurship while encouraging others to do what they love. In this interview, you’ll hear Heidi share various life lessons associated with both her personal and professional life.

Bullying in her childhood led to Heidi being home schooled, but was later the catalyst for the immense feelings of empathy and compassion she now displays towards others. She shares what those experiences were like and the long-lasting impact they left on her spirit. Although many of the lessons she’s absorbed in her life have been painful and expensive, Heidi mentions that they’ve allowed for the present moment to exist, making her grateful it all happened.

This inspiring conversation is a peek into Heidi Lovig’s positive and uplifting spirit. Enjoy the episode on the WOWW Campaign podcast!



Ep. 089: WOWW – Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care Is Not SelfishLately, I hear a lot of references made about the importance of “self-care” but to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant or entailed. I would immediately picture myself getting a manicure whenever I’d hear this topic come up. But lately, I’ve become more curious about the idea of taking care of yourself and what that actually feels like.

The past six months have been some of the happiest times of my entire life so I’ve taken time to carefully examine the things that have contributed to these joyful {pun intended} feelings. I want to begin by clarifying that my sudden increase in happiness hasn’t come from the abolition of sad or unhappy moments. Neither has it been a result of a sudden inheritance or pile of wealth that has allowed me to travel the world. None of that has remotely happened, so like everyone else, I still have “bad” days and continue to be a motivated entrepreneur trying to grow my platform.

The cause of my happiness has been because of “self-care” and the fact that I finally know what that means for me. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and in fact, it should be required. You can’t give to others what you don’t give to yourself, so it’s important to define those parameters sooner than later. I learned that saying “no” isn’t difficult for me to do and when I agree to circumstances or people that go against who I truly am, it doesn’t feel good in my body and sooner or later, ends up manifesting in negative ways. Therefore, I started to say ‘no’ a lot more often while creating boundaries in my friendships and relationships so I could remain true to myself. This resulted in spending less time with people that had gone way past their expiration date in my life. I learned that everyone isn’t meant to stay forever and taking care of myself, actually putting self-care into practice, meant being honest.

For the first time in months, I recently took a day off to act like a tourist. I realized that I refrained from doing non-working activities because my childhood taught me that in order to be valued, doing something/anything was necessary. I felt worthless when I wasn’t working, so I always worked. But one of the greatest epiphanies I’ve had has been related to my work and this podcast. I’ve come to the conclusion that self-care is everything that makes your heart sing and for some, that includes the professional work you do or how you make a living. I’m lucky to be in a field that speaks to my soul on a daily basis and even though it’s hard for many to believe that I rather be working than doing almost anything else, it’s true. In this episode of Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I talk about the importance of self-care, what that looks like for me and why I feel the need to encourage other women to seek similar feelings within themselves.



Joy and Cici Unfiltered – Healthy Choices, Importance of “Recharging,” Tough Conversations Between Friends & A Surprise Announcement

Joy and Cici Unfiltered

Joy and Cici UnfilteredJoy and Cici Unfiltered is a bi-monthly collaboration between Cici B. {@TheCrimsonKiss} and Joy Pecoraro {@WOWWcampaign}. #JoyandCiciUnfiltered is a podcast collaboration aimed at discussing various topics centered around relationships, friendships, entrepreneurship, personal development and other experiences that have resulted in life lessons. These conversations between Joy Pecoraro and Cici B. are meant to be entertaining, inspiring and encouraging.

In today’s podcast episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, you’ll hear about how they’ve each been impacted by their recent health choices and the importance of consistency whenever a change is desired. They also discuss how they each “recharge” and the tools/habits they implement to regain energy or push through a difficult circumstance that may result in a decrease of emotional, mental and physical energy. Joy Pecoraro talks about how consuming local-grown foods has improved her overall well-being as well as incorporating daily habits that provide a sense of inspiration in order to keep a positive mindset. Cici B. discusses the impact that sleep has on her life and how essential it is that she physically rest whenever she starts to notice that her energy levels are low. In this episode, you’ll also hear Cici B. talk about the changes she’s noticed since deciding to focus on recent healthier food choices.

During their conversation, they also address a question from a listener about how to deal with a friendship that no longer adds value to your life. Tough conversations between friends is inevitable, but often necessary. However, it’s sometimes impossible to have successful tough conversations with friends due to different personality traits. Do you “ghost” them or tell them that the friendship needs to end? Cici B. and Joy each share a personal experience that resembles each outcome and why they chose to go that route. In conclusion, they emphasize that every relationship is different and because dynamics and circumstances vary, it’s important to assess everything accordingly since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Joy and Cici discuss many different topics during their conversation, but during today’s podcast episode, you’ll also hear a surprise announcement for all listeners about something exciting they have planned in 2018. All links referenced in today’s episode are below and please feel free to share #JoyandCiciUnfiltered with others. **A friendly reminder: Mature audience only since this episode contains profanity and adult content.**