Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Ep. 127: #WOWWednesday – Your Imagination is a Manifestation

Your Imagination is a Manifestation

Your Imagination is a ManifestationToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday message is about the power of what we envision in our mind. It all starts with a thought because I’ve learned that if we can’t see it, we can’t be it. Our imagination manifests our reality, which is why it’s so important that we monitor what we’re thinking and/or worrying about.

In my personal life, my anxiety about things that haven’t happened has resulted in more negativity. However, incorporating positive visions of the life I’d like to live has resulted in unexpected surprises that reassure the benefits of positive thinking. Our imagination gives us a glimpse of what’s possible, so lets choose what we want to manifest and in which direction we choose to go.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, envision what that looks like first. How do you want to feel when you own your business? What do you expect to earn and what kind of clients do you want to have?

If you want to live a loving and peaceful life, think about the circumstances that you’d like to contribute to these feelings of joy. Our imagination is the gateway to everything that shows up later in our life. In order to manifest great things, we must first learn to hold those thoughts in our mind.



Ep. 124: #WOWWednesday – Do Everything You Can & Then Let Go

Do Everything You Can & Then Let Go

Do Everything You Can & Then Let GoTodays Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the power and peace that awaits once we surrender a circumstance or situation to the universe after we’ve shown up with great effort, humility and tenacity.

This message is not only about the importance of letting go, but also the importance of giving our best because once that’s done, there’s nothing left for us to do but surrender the outcome to the world. We are able to move forward and focus on the next opportunity because we’re not living in regret when we give our best. Sometimes, this requires showing humility when we’ve made a mistake or changing our behavior once we’ve become aware of the negative impact previous habits had on others lives. But other times, doing everything we can is about having tough conversations and exposing thoughts or emotions that we know may be perceived as uncomfortable.

Showing up is also required on a daily basis in our professional lives and as entrepreneurs. If we’re not obtaining the results we want after showing up with grit, it may be time to pivot or make adjustments. However, if the results are indicative of a lack of initiative or work ethic, then we shouldn’t let something go until we feel we’ve given our best. Living in regret holds us back because thinking “what if” prevents us from appreciating the now. Instead, we should put in the effort and hours, regardless of the situation so that in the end, we’re able to release control of the outcome and therefore, be guided towards different and better opportunities.



Ep. 123: #WOWWednesday – Reveal To Heal

Reveal To Heal

Reveal To HealToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the power behind revealing the things we suppress and are ashamed of. I share my personal experience with my lifelong battle with depression and how hiding this part of me actually made things worse. A lot of positive change happened as a result of being less afraid of what people would say and dismissing the possibility of shame. My life took a turn for the better the moment I decided to prioritize incorporating new habits and rituals that would hopefully address the depressed feelings I was experiencing.

When you don’t have to hide who you are, everything feels lighter. For me, this allowed for new energy to replace the energy I was using to keep my depression a secret from the world. Healing begins with revealing and if we’re stuck on keeping something a secret, we can’t begin to heal those parts of ourselves which in turn, allow us to live an authentic life. Depression was not the only thing that affected me, keeping it a secret prevented me from growing both mentally and emotionally as well.

What are you afraid to talk about? What moments in your life are you afraid people will know about? What habits do you try to hide from the world? Are your thoughts something you’re happy no one can see? If someone could hear your mind at-work, what would that sound like? These questions are the things that led to a plethora of self-discovery and ultimately, a much happier life.



Ep. 122: #WOWWednesday – You’re Different For A Reason

You're Different For A Reason

You're Different For A ReasonToday’s message is about embracing our individuality and the unique aspects that make us different from one another. Media, society, people and other factors often have a negative impact on the views we have of ourselves. External sources encourage women to be someone other than who they really are, leaving us with feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy.

During today’s podcast episode, I share my personal experiences with this topic and how I tried to change parts of my personality in order to have a greater sense of approval from others. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been the type of person to take initiative in many different ways. This trait is often seen as “bossy” or masculine, so I suppressed this part of my personality as often as I could in an effort to be seen as a more feminine and “soft” woman.

Our individuality is truly all we have and something we should each be proud of. It’s our fingerprint on this earth and the reason we all have something different to offer to one another and the projects we are a part of. This Words of Wisdom Wednesday message is meant to inspire women to appreciate and be grateful for all of the various things that make us unique human beings. Enjoy today’s message, ladies!



Ep. 119: #WOWWednesday – Comparing Yourself Is Unhealthy

Comparing Yourself Is Unhealthy

Comparing Yourself Is UnhealthySocial media has both positive and negative aspects because it has allowed us to connect with people, but at the same time has also made us disconnect from one another. We all struggle at some point in our life but social media creates the falsa illusion that some people are free of suffering and challenges, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

This episode is about emphasizing the fact that the highlight reel (i.e. Instagram) is not real. Comparison is the act that prevents us from staying on our path and focusing on where we’re headed instead of where we haven’t been. It’s an unhealthy habit because we focus on what we’re lacking instead of what we already have. Experiencing gratitude is one of the reasons we’re able to attract other positive circumstances, which is why it’s important to exercise this habit on a daily basis. Only when we remain focused on our personal accomplishments and journey can we experience gratitude.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about eliminating toxic habits that we’ve become accustomed to, such as comparison. It’s never too late to begin so don’t worry about where others are in their life. Everyones footprint and destiny is meant to vary. Regardless of whether or not businesses have outgrown us, it’s our responsibility to focus on our personal target because no two paths will resemble one another.



Ep. 115: You Should’ve Started Yesterday #WOWWednesday

You Should've Started Yesterday

You Should've Started YesterdayToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday message is about taking initiative and the importance behind taking the first step in every aspect of life. The recent Parkland shooting that took place resulted in a series of epiphanies as topics related to gun reform began to takeover conversations. Watching teenagers spearhead change has been inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time.

Children are showing the rest of the country what should’ve been done yesterday. The change they wish to see in the world is something they’ve taken upon themselves, which caused me to wonder why we don’t apply the same tactics in our own lives. Whether it’s in business, relationships or personal development, taking the first step is not only the hardest part of the process, but also the most important.

In today’s episode, I discuss how waiting for the “perfect moment” held me back and prevented me from starting the WOWW Campaign podcast even though I had the desire to do it years ago. Taking initiative is what made the difference in the end because it helped with momentum and shifted my mindset when I began to see that done was better than perfect. When it comes to ending or reigniting personal relationships, the conversations we’re often afraid to start are the ones that need to happen the most.

Today’s podcast episode is meant to inspire and ignite initiative within all of us not only as individuals, but as a society, too.



Episode 111: Love Is Always The Answer #WOWWednesday

Love Is Always The Answer

Love Is Always The AnswerIn todays Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode, I talk about love and how it has been one of the main solutions to most of my personal problems. Not only is love the answer when it comes to relationships, but it also helps us shift our perspective which in turn, shifts our behavior and how we show up to circumstances. Love is always the answer, whether or not we realize it in the moment.

I began to uncover the root of my mental health issues when I realized that I wasn’t in love with my life. In this episode, you’ll hear how appreciation for the simple things in life resulted in more feelings of gratitude which were essentially emotions embedded in love. Love for nature, love for health, and love for everything else that previously went unnoticed.

Love also became the solution for the things that prevented self-love from existing. The more I began to love my life, the more I appreciated my existence here on earth. I began to feel more comfortable setting boundaries with people because love towards myself meant putting my happiness first. Eliminating toxic relationships also came as a result of an increase in love. Loving the life I’ve been given has resulted in many positive decisions whose sole objective is to seek more happiness and fulfillment.

When it comes to forgiveness, love was also the answer. During times of conflict or misunderstanding, we have two choices: to seek the light or remain in the dark. Choosing the light means looking for the good in people or maybe displaying compassion towards those that come across as wounded. In this episode, you’ll hear how love allowed me to forgive my ex boyfriends and also feel more empathy towards them even though their actions caused me tremendous pain at one point.

Love translates into so many different things which is why I decided to record todays message on Valentine’s Day. How we treat one another and people we barely know all stems from how we view ourselves and the world around us. Much of the unity we need requires high doses of love and empathy, but we must first make the choice to sit in the seat that the world so desperately needs.



Ep. 109: Everyone Won’t Be Happy For You #WOWWednesday

Everyone Won't Be Happy For You

Everyone Won't Be Happy For YouIn this podcast episode, you’ll hear why regardless of your intentions, everyone won’t be happy for you and your accolades. Whether you’re trying to make a positive social impact through your business or your desire is to evolve into a better human being, don’t expect people to give you unsolicited praise.

When we end a relationship, we exhibit courage and strength because many times, we’re simultaneously stepping into the unknown and inviting a range of emotions as a result of these difficult decisions. When we choose to start a business, a similar thing happens because regardless of how many books we read or how many hours we meditate, nothing guarantees us success and certainty. Again, we step into unknown territory and risk feeling emotions associated with fear. However, the common denominator here is courage. And while many people wish they had it, the truth is that this characteristic is like a muscle that has to be used and doesn’t automatically come instilled within all of us. As I’ve stepped into various phases and roles in my life, regardless of the level of difficulty, risk has always been involved. My courage has often been a reflection for others that subconsciously are trying to find it within themselves. I’ve learned that if someone is not secure or happy with where they are in life, it’s difficult for them to be there for others that are rising in some way or another.

The larger my visions and ambitions became, the lonelier it has felt. Regardless of how much success or determination someone shows, we are all still human. We all crave to be heard, seen and loved, so unsolicited praise is always appreciated, but shouldn’t be expected. Continue to climb and achieve desirable circumstances, but realize that not everyone will be happy for you and this has nothing to do with who you are as a person, but rather who they currently are not.



Ep. 107: WOWW – Let Joy Be Your Guide

Let Joy Be Your Guide

Let Joy Be Your GuideToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about the importance of doing things and being around people that increase your state of happiness. It’s a great indicator that we’re headed in the right direction and doing what’s meant to be in that moment. Allowing joy to be your guide is giving the universe permission to show you a well-lit path.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how this simple, yet effective concept led to new opportunities and allowed me to close the door on circumstances that no longer benefited my soul. Instead of being guided by external validation, joy allows you to trust your own internal compass. The trigger we all carry is meant to ignite under particular situations and around people that are supposed to be in our lives. It’s the feeling we get when we barely know someone, yet their presence for some reason makes us incredibly happy. Pay attention to those moments because they’re often there to tell us something and already know what we’re meant to extract from that relationship. For me, that silent feeling of joy around strangers has usually led to life lessons because somehow, my heart knew what I needed before me.

The same applies in our professional lives when we’re doing tasks that accelerate time. When I began to notice what actions made me lose track of dates and times, I knew I was headed in the right direction. For a long time, I resisted this because I felt guilty for being happy while I worked. Subconsciously, I associated ‘work’ with suffering, which is not at all how I want to live my life. You’ll hear a detailed testimony about my experiences with joy and how I slowly learned to trust those happy moments and let go of the guilt I once felt.



Ep. 105: WOWW – Keep It Real With Yourself

Keep It Real With Yourself

Keep It Real With YourselfBefore I launched the WOWW Campaign podcast, I took about 18 months off from entrepreneurship. I knew I was grieving the death of my grandmother, but I had no idea why our relationship was so significant in my life. “Love” was not enough of an explanation and so I waited to understand so I could move on with my life and get back to the work I love doing, which is inspiring women through storytelling.

One of the things that shifted my life drastically was when I began to be honest with myself by answering some of the hardest questions I’ve ever asked. In order to uncover the root of my pain, I had to face aspects of myself and my past that I had previously kept hidden from the world. As I’ve said in other podcast episodes, it all starts with self-awareness.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of being honest with ourselves and how doing this is the gateway to many other things. Positive change results from having the courage and humility to admit to ourselves what we’ve been avoiding. I was able to launch the podcast and feel more motivated than ever when I understood where my fear came from because it separated me from the fear itself. The more I understood cause and effect, the less I revolved my identity around this emotion. “Keeping it real with yourself” paves the way for a path of self-discovery and introspection that often leads to a more fulfilling life because we become less afraid of experiencing the range of emotions that accompany all of our experiences. There’s nothing scarier than facing ourselves and once this can be done, everything else is confronted with less fear.



Ep. 102: WOWW – Don’t Bring Your Past Into Your Present

Don't Bring Your Past Into Your Present

Don't Bring Your Past Into Your PresentToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about choosing to start again and not allowing your past to dictate your present actions. Because we’ve all been hurt, rejected, betrayed and disappointed, it’s important to remain aware of how these emotions leave scars that later manifest in different ways.

Many times, we react based on what we’ve previously been through, but these reactions aren’t always positive and often, close us off from the possibility of experiencing new people, relationships and opportunities. The purpose of today’s podcast episode is to remind women everywhere that while it’s important to learn from the past, it’s even more important to make a conscious effort not to allow the scars that remain in our hearts to pave the way of our future.

In both our personal and professional life, there will be hardships and challenging times. But choosing to start again requires us to continue putting our best foot forward. We should strive to give our present everything we have in order to avoid regret. “Don’t bring your past into your present” is about cherishing the lessons that painful experiences left behind but appreciating the “new” for what it is: the opportunity to begin again and create new memories that just might surprise us.



Ep. 100: WOWW – One Step At A Time

2017 was the first year I kept and completed my New Year’s Resolutions and when I analyzed the reasons why this actually happened, it was due to small actions that I took every single day. Naturally, I want to be able to do this in 2018 as well, so what better message to kick off the New Year than a lesson about what I learned from my New Years Resolutions these past twelve months.

What I realized was that everything began with one step. Instead of focusing on the big picture, I chose to focus my attention on small things I could do on a daily basis because thinking of where I’d rather be was too overwhelming.

The New Year is a time to reflect and begin again, which is why many people set new intentions and goals for the coming year. New Year’s Resolutions are frequently made but seldom kept and until last year, I was one of those people, too. Today’s episode discusses what finally ignited the launch of the WOWW Campaign podcast and how I was able to complete 99 episodes in one year.

Taking action and changing things in your life doesn’t happen overnight and often times, requires consistent patience. All of the great leaders of the world we know of today also started somewhere and began from zero. The intention behind today’s message is to encourage you to look at your New Year’s Resolutions with a different perspective so the chances that they’re accomplished become greater and manageable. Wishing everyone a year full of prosperity joy!



Ep. 096: WOWW-3 Lessons Learned From The First 99 Episodes

3 Things I've Learned From Recording The First 99 Episodes

3 Things I've Learned From Recording The First 99 EpisodesCrazy to think that one year ago, I was visualizing what it would be like to have the WOWW Campaign podcast launched. One year later, I’m writing about the lessons learned that this journey has taught me these past 12 months as a result of recording the first 99 episodes.

My goal was to publish one episode per week, so to have 99 episodes recorded feels somewhat surreal, but immensely gratifying. Although this path hasn’t been easy, it’s been enlightening and well worth the challenge. I’ve learned a plethora of lessons that I hope will help to inspire other entrepreneurs and encourage people to keep going.

As you’ll hear in this podcast episode, some of my darkest times have been my greatest teachers and sources of inspiration for new projects. Aside from absorbing the lessons learned, I’ve remained hungry for discovery because knowledge and evolution is infinite. I’m certain that the next 99 episodes will bring new lessons, new experiences, and new sources of inspiration. But for now, I leave you with an episode about scarcity, planning, winning, loss, consistency, and the importance of taking initiative. Enjoy!



Ep. 093: WOWW-You Can’t Do It Alone

You Can't Do It Alone

You Can't Do It AloneI’ve interviewed many female leaders and there’s a common denominator that was the inspiration behind today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, neighbor, or your faith, we all rely on something/someone to remind us we’re not in this alone. I discuss how some of my darkest moments that came after my grandmother’s passing was due to extreme feelings associated with loneliness, which in turn led to isolation and despair.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the purpose of today’s message is to encourage unity because regardless of our path, we need other people to navigate some of life’s challenges. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how my faith ultimately played a positive role in my depression and was a catalyst to my recovery. Believing in something greater and ultimately, the thought that someone was by my side guiding my steps gave me strength because alone, the thought of doing life was too much to do on my own.

“You can’t do it alone” is a message I hope leaves women feeling inspired to not only help others, but also seek help for themselves. Independence is great, but it’s not the ultimate source of power and I do believe that because we need one another, we’re all better together.



Ep. 089: WOWW – Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care Is Not SelfishLately, I hear a lot of references made about the importance of “self-care” but to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant or entailed. I would immediately picture myself getting a manicure whenever I’d hear this topic come up. But lately, I’ve become more curious about the idea of taking care of yourself and what that actually feels like.

The past six months have been some of the happiest times of my entire life so I’ve taken time to carefully examine the things that have contributed to these joyful {pun intended} feelings. I want to begin by clarifying that my sudden increase in happiness hasn’t come from the abolition of sad or unhappy moments. Neither has it been a result of a sudden inheritance or pile of wealth that has allowed me to travel the world. None of that has remotely happened, so like everyone else, I still have “bad” days and continue to be a motivated entrepreneur trying to grow my platform.

The cause of my happiness has been because of “self-care” and the fact that I finally know what that means for me. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and in fact, it should be required. You can’t give to others what you don’t give to yourself, so it’s important to define those parameters sooner than later. I learned that saying “no” isn’t difficult for me to do and when I agree to circumstances or people that go against who I truly am, it doesn’t feel good in my body and sooner or later, ends up manifesting in negative ways. Therefore, I started to say ‘no’ a lot more often while creating boundaries in my friendships and relationships so I could remain true to myself. This resulted in spending less time with people that had gone way past their expiration date in my life. I learned that everyone isn’t meant to stay forever and taking care of myself, actually putting self-care into practice, meant being honest.

For the first time in months, I recently took a day off to act like a tourist. I realized that I refrained from doing non-working activities because my childhood taught me that in order to be valued, doing something/anything was necessary. I felt worthless when I wasn’t working, so I always worked. But one of the greatest epiphanies I’ve had has been related to my work and this podcast. I’ve come to the conclusion that self-care is everything that makes your heart sing and for some, that includes the professional work you do or how you make a living. I’m lucky to be in a field that speaks to my soul on a daily basis and even though it’s hard for many to believe that I rather be working than doing almost anything else, it’s true. In this episode of Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I talk about the importance of self-care, what that looks like for me and why I feel the need to encourage other women to seek similar feelings within themselves.



Ep. 085: WOWW – Distance From People Can Be Good For The Soul

Distance From People Can Be Good For The Soul

Distance From People Can Be Good For The SoulToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of choosing your surroundings wisely, including people you allow into your life. We often hear the words “the more the merrier,” but this isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, our souls need to be protected and ‘distance’ happens to be the cure.

Distance creates space, both physically and mentally. It’s true that we often appreciate what we have once it’s no longer available. That’s not to say that only through alienation will we feel gratitude because we can be grateful when we’re close to others, too. However, space, silence, distance and solitude can be used for the positive. We often notice a shift in some way and this helps us clarify whether this is a relationship worth keeping or not. Distance between two individuals should be seen as something positive and a tool that can only benefit us in the long-run.

When two people separate, they either come back together or stay apart and when the separation is permanent, most people realize they’re better off without the other, which is a win for all parties involved. Fear often keeps us from exploring this space and therefore, we fight to keep things unified when maybe there’s nothing left to salvage. Today’s message was recorded to inspire you and encourage you to look at these scenarios with an optimistic mindset. We learn and grow through our experiences and practicing these messages, which is why it’s important that they’re discussed. Distance from people isn’t always a negative outcome and today’s Words of Wisdom explores the many different ways that this has been true in my life.



Ep. 083: WOWW-3 Things I Do When I’m Feeling Blue

3 Things I Do When I'm Feeling Blue

3 Things I Do When I'm Feeling BlueToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about mental health and the importance behind implementing tools that make you feel better or put you in a healthier state-of-mind. As I’ve mentioned before in previous podcast episodes, depression has been something I’ve struggled with consistently and only recently have I started to recognize which small changes in my daily routine help influence my mindset.

In this episode, I talk about the three things I do when I’m feeling blue in hopes of inspiring others to seek understanding behind their own personal struggles and circumstances. The three things I do are:

  1. Organize my personal space.
  2. Read with Frankie {WOWW Campaign’s Chief Motivation Officer AKA my dog}.
  3. Do tasks related to work productivity.
1. Organize my personal space.

Organizing my external surroundings instantly makes my internal world more peaceful. By nature, I’m the type of person that appreciates things being in their place and a sense of cleanliness. In the darkest moments of my depression, I noticed a pattern that was not reflective of who I truly am. I realized that anytime I didn’t feel at peace with myself, my home was usually disorganized as well, which has never been a habit of mine. When I started to do things around my house that were parallel with how I actually wanted to feel internally, it was instantaneously satisfying, so I did more of this. And during difficult times, I make a conscious effort to keep things around me in their place, not because it gives me a sense of control, but rather because it brings me happiness and a sense of stability that reminds me of my potential and where I aim to be.

2. Reading with Frankie.

I used to think that I’d read one book and then it’d lead to a permanent state of enlightenment. Not sure what I was thinking, but I know now that’s not the case. In fact, I’d crave inspiration when I wasn’t reading a book early in the morning or before going to sleep at night, so I began to pay closer attention to the feelings reading would bring me. What I noticed was that I felt “lighter” and more at peace when I was learning and acquiring knowledge in some way. It made me feel like I was moving in a positive direction or simply that I was moving forward, in general. Over time, I learned to be more consistent about my reading habits so I could benefit from the effects this habit had on my mental health. Luckily, I discovered Kindle Unlimited, which I immediately subscribed to in order to read many different books per month and as a result, improve my overall well-being.

3. Doing tasks related to work productivity.

No matter how small the task, I don’t allow my depression to knock me out like it once did. It used to show up and I’d be “paralyzed” for days, sometimes weeks. One day, I decided to do something as simple as check my email even though I didn’t even have the energy to eat. I felt useful, even for those few moments, but it was a positive feeling that left it’s imprint. So the next time I was feeling depressed, I again forced myself to make a phone call or contact a client. Little by little, these small tasks became addicting during these dark periods because it felt better than not doing anything at all. In time, I wanted to do more productive actionable tasks that would lead to an accumulation of an entire workday. Noticing these things required a tremendous amount of self-awareness and vulnerability because it wasn’t easy to admit that there was a problem to begin with. These observations became tools and in-time, valuable assets that never expire and have a positive ROI on my business, but on my physical and mental health as well.



Ep. 081: WOWW – How Thinking “We’re All In This Together” Helped Me Have Compassion Towards My Exes

We're All In This Together

We're All In This TogetherI love talking about relationships and the lessons that various circumstances left behind in my life. Because of this, I decided to write a book titled: 10 Lessons My Exes Left Behind. If you’d like to know when it’ll be available on Amazon, sign up to our newsletter using this link.

Today’s message is about empathy and how realizing that we’re more similar than we are different helped me feel compassion and empathy towards ex boyfriends that I once felt didn’t deserve any of these emotions from me. In this podcast episode, I talk about how my faith and believing that we all come from the same “Source” influenced my perspective by eliminating hierarchy between personalities and individuals. Realizing that we all feel pain and heartache but maybe show it in different ways allowed me to feel closer to people that I had previously rejected.

In no way does this mean that we should allow everyone into our life because of these similarities. Rather, this perspective should serve to help us heal and let go of situations and people by not allowing feelings of anger or remorse to feed our ego. “We are all in this together” is a reminder that we all have our highs and lows and we all make mistakes in different areas of our life. The magnitude of our mistakes don’t make one person better than the other. On the contrary, I’ve learned that many of the experiences and feelings we encounter are inevitable because life is full of suffering. Therefore, these similarities among human beings should support why we should forgive more often, exhibit compassion and remember that we are all in this together.



Ep. 079: WOWW – 3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Not For EveryoneAccording to my research {AKA Google Searches}, this week is recognized by many global organizations as “Entrepreneurship Week.” Lately, I feel like entrepreneurship has been sensationalized and some of the realities associated with this journey aren’t discussed enough, which is why many entrepreneurs suffer in silence.

Choosing this path comes with a lot of freedom and yes, making your own schedule is an attractive aspect of entrepreneurship. However, with this kind of freedom comes a plethora of other aspects that are not-so-attractive and often, extremely difficult to get accustomed to. In today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode, I’ll be highlighting 3 reasons why entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

  1. You have to be detail oriented, but detached from perfectionism.
  2. Rejection shows up on a daily basis.
  3. Most of us are slaves to comparing.
1. You have to be detail-oriented, but detached from perfectionism.

Before I launched the WOWW Campaign podcast, I had to breakup with perfectionism because this was holding me back in more ways than one. When I was creating the podcast, I researched things to-death because I didn’t want to create or publish anything that wasn’t viewed as “perfect.” However, creating a platform from scratch can feel like you’re putting together a puzzle. It requires you to keep the big picture in-mind, while training your mind to think on a micro level and bridge the pieces necessary that’ll make up the end goal. The attention to detail is constant and necessary if you plan to be successful. But if you’re tied to perfection, those details will not only take twice as long to create, they may not even get completed at all. Speed is everything in the beginning stages of a business and if you’re not willing to create, adjust and pivot on a regular basis without taking things personal, entrepreneurship is not for you.

2. Rejection shows up on a daily basis.

Whether or not you’re selling a tangible product, entrepreneurship always requires a sales component. Sometimes you’re selling an idea while other times, you’re selling a service no one has purchased. Unless you’re Oprah’s child or have a last name that’s known globally, you’ll probably be the only one that’s going to have blind faith in your idea. Family and friends not showing the support you thought they would is a form of rejection and yes, it’s painful. Potential clients not returning an email or phone call is also a form of rejection. Reality is, rejection shows up on a daily basis when you’re an entrepreneur. Today, we live in a world where ‘likes’ dictate our popularity, which is having a negative impact on the mental state of many people around the world. If you’re sensitive to these things or the idea of rejection overwhelms you with fear, entrepreneurship is not for you.

3. Most of us are slaves to comparing.

Social media has made it easy for people to analyze strangers, which has created a vicious cycle of comparing and contrasting. The truth is there will always be someone more successful or more attractive than you. If you have any type of physical insecurity, this can be enhanced due to social media. The same applies for entrepreneurs because competitors also have access to the number of ‘followers’ and growth a business is experiencing. In order to be successful, we have to stay in our lane and commit to focused productivity. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to waste time looking at what their neighbor is doing because not only is it time consuming, it’s counterproductive. If you’re a slave to comparing in any way, entrepreneurship is not for you.



Ep. 075: WOWW – Everyone Has a Place In Your Life

Everyone Has A Place In Your Life

Everyone Has A Place In Your LifeBy nature, I’d define myself as an “intense” person because I’m passionate about topics and my love towards certain conversations isn’t forced. This trait naturally translates into my personal life because my relationships with people carry a lot of weight since allowing someone into my space isn’t the easiest task. Although I’m fascinated by human beings and the complexity of our emotional and mental state, who I spend my free time is a different story. I don’t have a lot of free time, therefore, where it’s allocated and how it’s dispersed is strategically calculated.

I used to think that everyone in our life had to occupy the place of “BFF.” However, life and time have taught me that individuals vary for a reason and therefore, it’s normal that our dynamic with people vary as well. Everyone isn’t meant to be our best friend or love of our life. In fact, many people are here for the sole purpose of teaching us lessons and exposing us to new ways of thinking. Some people are here to open our hearts, even after they’ve been broken. The point is, everyone has a place in your life. The reason some people only stay for a season remains a mystery, but always has a purpose, which is why we should be grateful for the experiences we’re a part of with these people.

In this episode of Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I talk about how I’ve learned to accept the different types of relationships into my life. Looking back on my friendships, they were what I needed at the time even though some of them may have transformed into something different that now feels foreign. As people, we’re constantly changing, so it’s only normal that the relationships in our life evolve as well. When a relationship ends, look for the lessons because they’re always there, waiting to be discovered. Often time, there’s shame associated with the end of a relationship or friendship because we’re afraid that others may think we’re not worthy or flawed in some way. In order to embrace the lessons that arise from these situations, we must first let go of the need to please other people and accept that regardless of circumstances, people will always have an opinion about situations unrelated to them. By releasing the shame, we open ourselves to the possibility of self-awareness, enlightenment, fresh perspectives, and a yearning for personal development.