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Shauna Martin, CEO & Founder of Daily Greens

Shauna Martin

Shauna Martin always aspired to be an attorney; as a child, her barbie doll (Sheryl) was also a lawyer. Shauna went through the University of Arkansas system to obtain all of her degrees and eventually graduated at the top of her class. After law school, she went straight to work for a corporation and begin her career.

She was one of the first generations that had an equal number of men and women in her graduating class. However, the number of women that are equity partners is not equivalent to the number of men that achieve this stature. It’s a major problem that is in this profession because it shows that ownership stake is unequally dispersed.

Nine years ago, Shauna Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thirty days after her diagnosis, her sister was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Both of them were healthy women without a family history of cancer, which is why their diagnosis was shocking. Shauna and her sister were 31 and 33 years old when they went through this experience and had to endure treatment. After chemotherapy and several surgeries, Shauna felt broken and determined to find answers. What she realized was that it’s extremely important to watch the foods and substances that we put into our bodies.

Shauna Martin went on a journey for healing and found that green juice had a positive impact on her health. People’s curiosity began to spike once they consistently noticed that she would carry her juice everywhere she went. Seven years after the diagnosis and still working as a corporate attorney, Shauna began to make her juices at home and sell them at farmers markets. She knew she had something special when the green juice would immediately sell out whenever it was available for sale. It was here, that her journey as an entrepreneur began with Daily Greens.

Shauna Martin insists that you have to believe in what you do in order to get through the challenges that come with entrepreneurship; she believes 100% in green juice. Her passion and confidence push her through the difficulties that come with this territory. Shauna’s advice to others is to find something that you’re extremely passionate about because if that sentiment towards your product or service doesn’t exist, you may find the urge to quit when the path becomes uneasy and challenging.

Carrie Arsenault, CEO of Accountability Resources

Carrie_ArsenaultCarrie Arsenault is the CEO & Founder of Accountability Resources in Austin,TX. She grew up in Denver,CO with parents who had a sales background. Her dad always encouraged her to get into a career that would require sales because he was certain this was one of the ways she could thrive. Although she fought it for a while, Carrie eventually ended up selling her recruiting services to large corporations which is now a business named Accountability Resources. Never having any doubts about what her strengths were, it wasn’t until her son was 3 years old that she decided to branch off on her own. Time seemed to have gone by quickly those first three years and Carrie did not want to miss out on any other aspects of her kids lives, therefore, she decided to become a business woman and a mom. Not wanting to decide between one or the other, she chose to do both and began by renting out a cubicle from the neighboring CPA’s office.

Carrie says her driving force was knowing she was a talented individual which is why her original $1,000 investment was enough to jumpstart her business. Her routine consisted of being a mom and jumping on the computer to finish work once her kids were asleep. She didn’t mind working harder because she wasn’t missing out on those pivotal moments in both of her children’s lives. Carrie believes “you can only be a mom once but, you can run a business for a lot longer.” Given her experiences and priorities, Carrie Arsenault now provides the same flexibility to the working mothers that she employs because she believes they’re likely to thrive and be successful when they’re given those resources.

Carrie doesn’t lose sight of what’s important and deals with fear by constantly implementing this attribute. She emphasizes that while being a mother is her priority, focusing on the long-term impact we have on this world is essential to achieve continued success. Despite her busy schedule, Carrie Arsenault stays busy by maintaing a full social calendar with activities centered around her personal and professional life as well as being physically active through sports.

Throughout Carrie’s interview, her energy and positive outlook is contagious and transparent. However, since 2010, she has experienced some hardship including the death of her father, an automobile accident, and surviving breast cancer. Six months after the death of her father, whom Carrie was very close to, she was caught in a flash flood that nearly took her life. During this time, she only thought of her children and the possibility of leaving them behind which validated that everything she had done was in-line with her priorities and being there for them was at the top of that list. Two years after surviving the flash flood, Carrie faced adversity once again when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the process, her team was able to support and sustain the business while she addressed and battled her illness. She believes that strong individuals you’re surrounded by has the ability to make all of the difference during life-changing experiences.

Carrie seeks adventure and happiness through family, business, friends, and travel. Acknowledging the blessings she has been given has been instrumental throughout her success. Carrie Arsenault is a WOWWoman because she persevered through all obstacles and challenges while maintaining a positive attitude. Although she’s humble, her confidence shines through her personality; giving other women the support they need to achieve their own goals. She has received many awards and recognition for being one of the fastest growing businesses in Austin,TX however, she has not become complacent and continues to provide opportunities for her team and the community.

Aan Coleman, President of Coleman & Associates

Aan Coleman is a landscape architect and the president of Coleman & Associates. As a business owner, Aan says its important that she participate in activities that are the complete opposite of what she’s accustomed to daily. Those activities include exercise in various forms including her favorite: Zumba. It’s a way for her to dance and not feel the pressure of having to be a “professional” while doing so.

Aan not only loves what she does professionally but, she also says that her career has been a tool. Her career has helped her grow personally within her space and the community. It’s been a vehicle for her to get more involved with local issues and topics she otherwise would not have been exposed to. During the growth process, Aan has collected many valuable lessons along the way. One of the lessons discussed early in the interview was: know yourself. While her business is successful, she remains true to what she knows she’ll never turn into and therefore, is transparent about discussing where her business is headed and what detours it’ll avoid. Although many people fantasize about having the largest company known to mankind with hundreds of employees, Aan talks about how these traits haven’t been on her to-do list. Her compassion towards people prevents her from being able to embrace that at times, large companies come with large daunting responsibilities, including the possibility of having to let employees go due to unexpected circumstances. Knowing herself has been important because she knows that while she’ll continue to grow her business, she won’t allow Coleman & Associates to turn into a revolving door. Before becoming a business owner, Aan recalls being in a role that was responsible for laying off a couple of hundred people in one day – a sentiment she holds vivid in her mind.

Aan ColemanFear is a factor Aan has not only embraced but, now uses to keep her motivated. During the interview, Aan Coleman talks about “poverty being right around the corner” with a positive attitude in order to drive and grow her responsibilities as the business owner. As a leader, Aan shares that remaining in control of that self-doubt is instrumental to her business and her peers. Creating a safe environment in the workplace is key to any business and therefore, Aan emphasizes the importance of remaining optimistic whenever fear shows up. Early in her career, her perspective towards other landscape architects in the industry was not what it is today. She mentions that while industries can be competitive, being aware that there’s an abundance of opportunities will make competitors your ally. Those competitors can also drive you to improve both personally and professionally.

While learning from personal and introspective experiences is key, Aan talks about a circumstance that made her aware of powerful women that surrounded her. Once at an event, she noticed a woman who seemed to be shaking the right hands and initiating important conversations with those that were in attendance. She made it her new years resolution to cold call her and introduce herself because she, too, wanted to know the powerful woman that had left a lasting impact on her. After meeting her, Aan learned that our perceptions of others can often times be very misleading. Even though other people seem to “have it together” and have eliminated fear from their lives, this is not typically the case. Therefore, Aan Coleman suggests that we remind ourselves we’re all in this together and have more in common than we think – regardless of what is perceived from the outside.

Aan has embraced her journey and now shares her wisdom with others to help women that seek inspiration. She emphasizes that everything is accomplished through small steps and not drastic leaps. Things that have larger rewards are typically the most difficult to obtain but, avoid getting discouraged because of this factor. On the contrary, be kind to yourself regardless of the path you’re on and remind yourself that everything achieved deserves merit and recognition.

Rashanna Moss – Owner of Pure Barre Austin

Rashanna MossRashanna Moss grew up in Houston, TX in a close-knit Catholic Creole family. Her love for athletics began as a young child when her parents encouraged her to get involved in various activities. She later got a degree in Kinesiology but, the road was not easy. In grad school, Rashanna says that’s when she first experienced challenges as she found herself struggling to get through classes. The lesson she learned from that experience was that pushing through thresholds would be extremely valuable and helpful later on in life. When Rashanna entered the workforce she was faced with reality upon learning that the average salary was much lower than she had anticipated. She quickly learned that without experience, an individual was not as valuable to an employer. Eventually, Rashanna was offered a position at Nike in Portland, OR. Rashanna recommends that people that are new to the workforce be willing to pay their dues and obtain as much knowledge as possible. While some individuals perceive longevity as being related to wisdom, Rashanna clarifies that’s not always the case but, it’s still essential that their ideas and information be respected because of the experience they bring to the table.

Today, Rashanna Moss is a proud business owner with a lot of valuable insight that she says “was not in the paperwork.” While the documentation doesn’t warn you about the mistakes one naturally makes as a business owner, Rashanna discusses this aspect with positivity and  transparency during her interview. She encourages individuals to move forward daily because problems are inevitable and likely to happen more often than anticipated. The key is figuring out how to solve the challenges presented at the time and remain profitable while problem-solving. Five years later, Rashanna Moss now owns three Pure Barre locations. Despite the success, Rashanna discusses that fear continues to show up and she now embraces it rather than doing the opposite. Because many factors can impact your business, Rashanna highlights these components as a natural part of doing business. Competitors, unhappy customers, logistics and other factors are likely to play a role but, as business owners, we have the ability to control how much it paralyzes our efforts.

By consistently overcoming fear, Rashanna realizes these events don’t have to control her business and therefore, is able to regularly obtain her professional goals. Regardless of your background and experiences, Rashanna encourages resilience in all aspects of both your personal and professional life. While honesty and vulnerability are displayed throughout her interview, Rashanna Moss believes that women should share what they want regarding their personal story and not feel obligated to comply with societal standards regarding tales that are more satisfying to others than ourselves.

Rashanna Moss’ ability to share her professional and private experiences with the #WOWW Campaign make her a remarkable woman. Her ability to analyze the lessons with challenges in a way that translates into a fearless attitude is something we don’t take for granted. Her passion goes beyond her studio and can be seen throughout her philanthropic efforts in Austin, TX and charismatic personality that is full of insightful perspectives.

Rhoda Mae Kerr – Fire Chief of Austin Fire Department

Rhoda Mae Kerr

Rhoda Mae Kerr is a fourth generation firefighter and the first female fire chief in Austin,TX. Growing up, Rhoda Mae wanted to be a teacher and so she was, for 13 years before entering the fire academy. In 1983, she had the opportunity to join the fire service believing she could make a positive impact although female representation was low.

Rhoda Mae Kerr believes that by making herself visible and accessible to the community, women will become more aware of the opportunities available to them as firefighters. Chief Kerr believes there are a few roadblocks for women in the fire service and key reasons preventing them from choosing this profession. Some of the roadblocks mentioned in the interview are related to language and awareness. In order for young girls to change their perception, its important we become more aware of exclusive language such as: “fire men.” Aside from participating in conversations that proactively promote non-gender specific language, Chief Kerr also travels extensively around the country and engages people at a local level on a regular basis.

She recommends that regardless of the career a woman chooses, having passion for that industry is essential and a key to success. Rhoda Mae Kerr also emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people that believe in you. “While those mentors don’t have to be in the same field, they have to want to see you succeed”, she says. Chief Kerr encourages women to stand their ground and not allow other peoples opinions influence your own. While her role entails many positive aspects and responsibilities, she does not neglect the fact that people still want to challenge you. Therefore, it’s crucial not to be intimated by outside perspectives that may differ from your own. Chief Kerr believes that courage is not only going into a burning building but, standing up for the right thing at the right time. Her accomplishments have not only gained her wisdom and rank but, they’ve also allowed her to meet many US presidents. Humbled by her experiences, Rhoda Mae Kerr continues to share those stories and more with the intention of inspiring women around her.

Margaret Jabour – Owner of Twin Liquors

Margaret Jabour is the owner of Twin Liquors, a company headquartered in Austin,TX. With over 70 retail locations, the family business has quickly grown and adapted to many Austin neighborhoods. Her business practices don’t only involve the day-to-day activities that one would expect – she also manages to cater to the local community on a regular basis. From managing employees, raising two sons as a single mother, and being an active philanthropist….Margaret Jabour is involved in all aspects of her personal and professional life. She is strong in her faith and believes we meet people for a reason and therefore, must not take relationships for granted. Regardless of who she’s communicating with, Margaret emphasizes the importance of consistently treating people with respect and courtesy regardless of their stature and socioeconomic status.

Margaret Jabour, Owner of Twin LiquorsAlthough she was always involved in helping with the family business, when Margaret was growing up, she wanted to be a school teacher. Once she took on a management role within the family business, it began to flourish and grow accordingly. Despite personal challenges she faced along the way, Margaret Jabour persevered through it all. One of the key moments in her life that changed her outlook and perspective was when her brother passed away shortly after he had a heart transplant. As the family endured the pain of that moment, Margaret Jabour began to live her life with passion and purpose. During her interview, she emphasizes the importance of having those elements be present in your life. Regardless of the amount of time it takes, Margaret mentions that changes are sometimes not sudden and it may take patience and awareness to find your unique purpose. She says it’s important to live that way because it makes other aspects of your life come together with ease. Tasks and accomplishments have meaning, making daily routines fulfilling and joyful.

Despite the awards and recognition Margaret Jabour has received throughout the years, fear continues to present itself. As her business has grown, so have her responsibilities. Margaret elaborates on the magnitude of responsibility an owner has because of the associates they’re surrounded by. She is currently responsible for over 450 employees and their families making it difficult to completely eliminate fear from her life. Although she is a strong, confident and powerful woman, Margaret Jabour also experiences anxiety when it comes to her personal and professional life. Her interview is the perfect example of a woman with vulnerability. Regardless of the amount of success, wealth and network, Margaret demonstrates that our emotional perspectives are more similar than they are different. And as women, we all have the same fears and insecurities that women everywhere constantly experience, too.

Dana DeBeauvoir, Travis County Clerk

Dana DeBeauvoir has been an elected official in Travis County since 1986. She currently serves as the Travis County Clerk and has been nationally recognized for her commitment to leadership. Although most people would assume elections don’t have a significant emotional impact on someone with extensive experience, Dana reveals that she, too, faces the same challenges many others deal with every four years whether they’re seasoned veterans or new to politics. Her charisma and positive perspective shine through on and off camera, allowing her to overcome the side effects of being a public official. When she developed insomnia, Dana DeBeauvoir began to quilt to help her cope and maintain emotional stability while addressing the pressures of elections. Her office is surrounded by large and colorful quilts that represent the many times she has prevailed and overcome criticism from opposing candidates. Her interview was critical for the #WOWW Campaign because it sheds light on something many of us take for granted: privacy. While her role allows her to improve our community and connect with citizens in ways many of us will never experience, that same role has also come with sacrifices. Dana is candid about many personal topics related to women such as vulnerability, marriage, children and service. She decided to marry her husband after 13 years of courtship and appreciated his shared perspective towards freedom. As Dana graciously expressed: “there’s nothing like being too cautious.”

Dana DeBeauvoirDana DeBeauvoir’s ability to be outspoken and candid with our cameras demonstrates she is not only a well-admired public official but also, an exemplary woman in society. She encourages women to share their thoughts in the workplace and embrace challenges because they’re only temporary. Thank you Dana for being courageous and inspiring towards so many!

Paola Moore, Founder of Rare Trends

Paola Moore, Founder of Rare Trends

Paola Moore is the CEO & Founder of Rare Trends in Austin,TX. Originally from Argentina, Paola brings culture as well as drive and tenacity to the business world. When Paola decided to become an entrepreneur, she asked her father for a loan in order to jumpstart her business. Realizing it would take sacrifice, a few years went by before Paola began to draw a salary from the business. As with any business, consistency and a strong work ethic are required to progress; which is exactly what Paola Moore did while adapting to life’s many challenges.

Paola’s journey towards motherhood was not an easy path. After several IVF treatments and some unsuccessful attempts, she was blessed with three children. Nevertheless, the inconsistency and uncertainty she experienced through the process made her wonder if motherhood would ever create stability. Self-doubt came after she followed strict procedures prescribed by physicians that seemed like a stepping stone towards her dream of becoming a mother. During Paola’s IVF treatment, she mentions that along with doctors orders, she went above and beyond what was required; such as eliminating coffee as a part of her daily routine. In the end, Paola learned that despite what an individual plans in life, there are things that are out of ones control which is a concept she now applies in her business.

Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want and we just have to deal with it
When Paola’s twins were two years old, she pondered where her professional journey would take her next. Shortly after, the entrepreneurship craving was reborn and along came Rare Trends. During Paola’s interview, she mentions the various side effects her professional experience has had on her personal development. In her words, she is now a “more humble person because she’s had a lot of doors slammed in her face”. Her advice to other women is to be more objective and practical with your decisions. Being pragmatic and knowing when to cut your losses and move on are some of the lessons Paola shares with the #WOWW Campaign.

Although at times she experienced hardships in her pregnancy and business, Paola still maintains a positive outlook full of courage and humility. She mentors others when approached and was willing to be transparent in an effort to make a positive impact in our community. Paola Moore is a #WOWW woman and we couldn’t be more proud to share her story with y’all.



Lori Schneider, Chief Cupcake Officer of The Cupcake Bar

Lori SchneiderLori Schneider is the Chief Cupcake Officer of The Cupcake Bar. She owns a unique catering business in Austin, TX that offers a sweet spin [pun intended]. Lori began as a full-service catering company providing services for weddings, parties and corporate events. She now specializes in providing a dessert experience guests won’t forget; hence the name The Cupcake Bar. Before becoming a business owner, Lori obtained her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University. She chose to leave her well-paid corporate job to pursue her own professional goals. Financially, Lori saved to prepare for the unforeseen because she knew entrepreneurship would require some risk. In 2008, when the economy hit a downturn, Lori had to pivot and adjust her business according to the market. Because she was considered a luxury, many corporations were not budgeting for the added expense. She quickly realized the events that were recession-proof were those that celebrated personal milestones such as weddings, baptisms, graduations, and baby showers. Lori’s ability to adjust to change allowed her business to become profitable and continue on the path towards success. During the interview, it was difficult not to notice her organizational skills and enthusiastic personality. When referencing challenging times that affected her health and other aspects of her life, Lori kept a positive outlook on what happened and what was yet to come. Her ability to assimilate to various circumstances has allowed her to evolve both personally and professionally. Today, Lori is a loving mother, wife and successful business owner.


Lisa Copeland, Managing Partner of Fiat of Austin & Founder of Buying Cars Her Way

Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland is the Managing Partner of Fiat of Austin and Founder of Buying Cars Her Way. She went to school for fashion merchandising and is now a trailblazer in the automotive industry. She first started a successful mortgage business and later caught the attention of many locals in Austin, TX as sales for Fiat skyrocketed. Before we knew it, Fiats in Austin were everywhere. Literally. Lisa Copeland is a role model for all women because she is constantly showing us that the automotive industry doesn’t have to lack femininity. During her interview, I made a comment about “getting all of her hair in the shot” since style is something she knows a lot about. Of course, Lisa laughed and found it quite funny.

I’m really grateful I didn’t miss my destiny
She personally owns a custom pink Fiat and takes pride in being a trailblazer in what was [previously] known as a mans world. Lisa Copeland believes that mentors are essential in a woman’s life because we have to surround ourselves with people that inspire us. Being aware and not missing your destiny are things Lisa encourages women to do. She is grateful that she didn’t miss her destiny and is exactly where she’s supposed to be. During the interview, Lisa mentions that regardless of background and current position, women have the same concerns and fears…those concerns just come in different sizes. Her advice to tackling fear is to continue to face it and deal with it head on. As women, Lisa discusses the difficulty of constantly making tough decisions because she believes sacrifice is necessary in every aspect of life. Lisa Copeland is a #WOWW woman for many reasons and we’re fortunate to be exposed to the level of confidence that she delights us with.


Rochelle Rae, Owner of Rae Cosmetics

Rochelle Rae

I’ve always been an entrepreneur
Rochelle Rae is from Kansas City, Missouri and the CEO of Rae Cosmetics. Her makeup line is well-known because it’s created to be perspiration resistant. For any women living in Texas, y’all know how important this is to ones routine. In her interview with the #WOWW Campaign, she talks about the topic most people avoid: money. Having capital to start a business can be a daunting task and many don’t ask for enough because they underestimate just how much money it’ll take to successfully build and establish a product. She goes in depth about the lessons she learned when having to adjust to the business aspect of her cosmetic line. Rae Cosmetics has been increasing its brand presence and in return, increasing its overhead. Rochelle says fear is still a part of her life that she now embraces as growth is taking place around her.  Rochelle Rae is an exemplary #WOWW woman as she navigates through the business world with elegance that can be felt from miles away. She manages to market Rae Cosmetics at high-caliber events and incorporate philanthropy into business practices….all while growing a brand we’ve all come to love and respect.


Nicholle Jaramillo, Event & Sponsorship Coordinator at Capital Factory

You don’t do anything wrong as a kid for your dad not to show up.
blog nicholle jaramillo
Nicholle Jaramillo has had the privilege of working with many high-level individuals thanks to her work ethic and responsibilities at Capital Factory. Despite having to manage the daily tasks of a professional, she has also had to learn to live with Crohn’s Disease at a young age. Nicholle has a perspective on life that’s wise beyond her years. In her interview, one quickly learns that she’s capable of finding the positive in any given situation. From growing up without the presence of her dad, to making drastic lifestyle adjustments, we’re excited to see how much more there is left for Nicholle to conquer and teach us.


Olga Campos-Benz, Community Relations Director for Milton Verret

Once you do get the job, and you’re a minority member, you do have to work twice as hard.
Olga Campos-Benz worked as a news anchor in Austin, TX for over 15 years. Life after television continued full throttle as she continues to be extremely involved in the local community. She is writing her first book and also helping businessman Milton Verret with his philanthropic efforts. Her passion for philanthropy and social causes began before her career as a journalist. She currently serves on committees and boards that provide resources to children and musicians as a way to give back. Her interview will leave no doubt that her perspectives are firm and capable of continuing to make a dynamic impact among women.


Beth Lasita, CEO of Pinnacle Construction Inc. & Co-Owner of Grove Wine Bar

Beth Lasita
My mom always said “why not?!

Beth Lasita is Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Construction Inc. & Co-Owner of the Grove Wine Bar. She is one of the few 100% woman-owned general construction companies. She learned from her mom that there was nothing she couldn’t do which is what she says part of her success is due to. Whether it was bringing her daughter to work or walking job sites, Beth Lasita assimilates to any given circumstance. She displays grace and humility in a male-dominant profession; making her a great example for other women in our community.

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