Crystal HuangCrystal Huang is an entrepreneur, wife and mother. Crystal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Prosky: “a one-stop hub for job training and job recruiting.” In this interview, Crystal Huang discusses how previous failures with other businesses she started helped her in the long-run. She talks about the value behind making mistakes and embracing the journey you’re currently on because it has the power to help you at a later date.

Crystal talks about her experience as a mother and how managing various roles simultaneously has also been a learning curve. At the beginning, she mentions that she wasn’t as present as she is now, which ultimately made her more productive and focused. Whether she’s at work or at home, she now knows how valuable it is to give whatever is in front of you your undivided attention. Crystal’s vulnerability and desire to continue learning and evolving as a mother, wife and leader is heard throughout the interview.

Crystal Huang is a female leader who isn’t afraid to make mistakes, apply the lessons and repeat. Her experiences have place her in unique situations and circumstance in the technology space, an area where women are underrepresented and often struggling to be heard. However, this hasn’t prevented Crystal from exploring new opportunities and shifting her perspective in order achieve her personal and professional goals. This podcast interview with Crystal Huang is sure to motivate, inspire and encourage you to look at less-than-great circumstances with a fresh perspective.