Debbie MillmanDebbie Millman is a writer, designer, artist and host of the Design Matters Podcast. Debbie has worked with international brands such as: Pepsi, Burger King, Star Wars and Colgate. She’s been recognized internationally for her work as a designer and also, as a podcast creator and host. In this interview with Debbie Millman, you’ll hear her share her thoughts about various topics related to depression, accolades, creativity, inspiration, and behavioral psychology.

Debbie opens up about her own journey with depression and the long-term mentality that was required of her in order to navigate the recovery process. We also discuss various transitions and shifts in mentality that have taken place over time due to various experiences. She mentions that although she now has the accolades and accomplishments she has always envisioned and worked towards, Debbie believes that acquiring these things earlier in life would not have been good for her ego.

Debbie Millman has been interviewing individuals from various industries on the Design Matters Podcast and continues to be driven by understanding human behavior. During our conversation, she discusses her fascination behind people’s behavior, motives and stories. Finding her passion has not only allowed her to continue applying her creativity, but it has also allowed Debbie to inspire many people around the world by sharing others’ stories.

Debbie Millman’s life experiences have left behind a plethora of wisdom, providing inspiration for any individual willing to embrace the gifts that accompany self-awareness.