Todays Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the power and peace that awaits once we surrender a circumstance or situation to the universe after we’ve shown up with great effort, humility and tenacity.

This message is not only about the importance of letting go, but also the importance of giving our best because once that’s done, there’s nothing left for us to do but surrender the outcome to the world. We are able to move forward and focus on the next opportunity because we’re not living in regret when we give our best. Sometimes, this requires showing humility when we’ve made a mistake or changing our behavior once we’ve become aware of the negative impact previous habits had on others lives. But other times, doing everything we can is about having tough conversations and exposing thoughts or emotions that we know may be perceived as uncomfortable.

Showing up is also required on a daily basis in our professional lives and as entrepreneurs. If we’re not obtaining the results we want after showing up with grit, it may be time to pivot or make adjustments. However, if the results are indicative of a lack of initiative or work ethic, then we shouldn’t let something go until we feel we’ve given our best. Living in regret holds us back because thinking “what if” prevents us from appreciating the now. Instead, we should put in the effort and hours, regardless of the situation so that in the end, we’re able to release control of the outcome and therefore, be guided towards different and better opportunities.