Dominique Broadway
Dominique Broadway is a personal finance expert, woman of faith, entrepreneur, woman in tech, and overall positive human being. In this interview, she shares how she’s always been interested in finances and starting profitable businesses. Early in her life, she realized that those who had access to valuable financial education were people that relied on investable wealth. Dominique discusses how becoming aware of the need to educate people about their financial future changed the course of her professional career and ignited the passion you see today. She believes that it’s important to have conversations about financial topics before you acquire your desired income in order to make wiser investments in the future.

Dominique Broadway has always been an entrepreneur who has made her “will to try” more important than her fear to fail. Dominique mentions that it’s not failure she fears, but rather, she fears living a life of regret. She doesn’t want the years in the past to be full of regretful memories, which is why you see her taking action when it comes to her professional life. Today, Dominique is not only a personal finance expert, she’s also a woman in tech. As a member of a technology incubator, Dominque discusses her observations and experiences in this environment, which she plans to use one day as a resource to give back to those with limited access, such as minority women.

This interview is an uplifting conversation with a woman who sees opportunity in all areas of her life and isn’t afraid to lean into a challenge that could lead to a better future. Enjoy the interview between WOWW Campaign and Dominque Broadway!

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