Sexual ShameJoy and Cici Unfiltered is a collaboration between Joy Pecoraro and Cici B. {AKA The Crimson Kiss} with episodes being published twice per month on the WOWW Campaign podcast. We usually discuss various current events and have conversations related to personal and romantic relationships. Our goal is to shed light on controversial topics and give our individual perspective in an effort to inspire and unite women around the world. Warning: all episodes are rated ‘Explicit’ and for a mature audience only.

In this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, you’ll mainly hear us talk about the following three topics:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Make Up For Ever Controversy
3. Sexual Shame

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and often times, sensationalized and seen as “glamorous” by many spectators. Cici and I share some recent challenges that we encountered in our business because as entrepreneurs, these unforeseen circumstances end up taking over our daily schedule. Without a technical support team, it’s difficult to resolve issues in a timely manner, which leads to frustration and delays. Our experience and perspective as entrepreneurs is meant to show a glimpse of the reality that this journey entails.

A few weeks ago, Make Up For Ever was at the epicenter of a controversy due to an Instagram post on their account that was aimed at attacking Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Cici B. and I discuss how this act goes beyond the thousands of comments seen across social media. We talk about why we think a corporation of this stature is having a negative impact on younger generations when they decide to engage in unprofessional tactics. This situation also brought other things to the surface such as the importance of inclusion. Cici B. gives her opinion as a woman of color and details why it’s important that her children one day feel part of society, instead of being alienated. As someone who is not a person of color, I had a difficult time imagining what it would be like to feel like companies don’t take me into consideration because of the color of my skin. This situation caused feelings of anger among many women from all different walks of life, which is discussed extensively in this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered.

Lastly, Cici and I have an interesting conversation about sex and sexual shame. Until this episode, I have stayed away from discussing anything sex-related on the podcast because fear and embarrassment prevailed. We talk about why it’s important that women embrace sex as a pleasurable act instead of something we are ashamed about. Because of my cultural background and childhood environment, I share why I haven’t talked about these things openly until now. The amount of sexual shame I’ve felt has been a direct result of the messages I’ve absorbed for the past 32 years. As a woman in the latin culture, openly stating that you enjoy sex would be seen as promiscuous by many, causing women to remain silent when it comes to these topics. The inability to have an open dialogue with your partner about your sexual preferences can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration, causing sex to be seen as something negative.

These conversations are intended to be relatable and encourage more communication free of judgment and bias. By acknowledging and recognizing that sexual shame exists around the world, we hope more women will feel comfortable embracing this innate aspect of ourselves that’s meant to be enjoyed and celebrated.