Your intuition is your BFF

Although many of you would describe me as a “confident” woman, I haven’t always been this way. I’ve lived with a sense of self-doubt all of my life. In fact, I encourage all of you to listen to the first episode of The WOWW Campaign Podcast where you’ll notice that I verbally hesitate to get my point across. It used to take me 37 drafts {or at least it felt like it} to finally say what it was I was feeling in my heart.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about the importance of following your intuition because this is the foundation of our self-esteem and eventually, our self-worth. You have to trust yourself even when those on the outside disagree. You have to feel conviction towards your thoughts and emotions, otherwise you’ll live in a constant state of doubt and instability. I’m not a psychologist or medical professional by any means, but I love to analyze situations and pick them apart because it helps me understand how everything comes together. As a child, if you’re feeling sad or lonely and someone dismisses what you’re experiencing, this can make you wonder if what you’re living is real or not. That’s what happened to me and one of the reasons I believe I dismissed my intuition for so long. In fact, I still do but it’s less and less now {thank goodness!}.

In episode 000 of The WOWW Campaign Podcast, I describe some of the life events that had a tremendous impact on my life. When a close family friend committed suicide, I remember feeling extreme confusion and not being able to navigate the state of grief I was in. I could barely articulate the series of events let alone the emotions I was experiencing as a result of this loss. He was like a father figure in my life. He taught me how to drive, play poker, attended all of my school functions, told me to stay away from boys when I grew up, and introduced me to football and the Green Bay Packers. He was a constant paternal figure so it came as no surprise to me that when he was no longer around, sadness overwhelmed every minute of my life.

What I vividly remember is no one talking about his suicide or the emotions we were all experiencing through mourning his loss. As an adolescent, I remember feeling in every fiber of my body that there was something wrong with this picture, but I didn’t have the “credentials” or maturity level to prove it. My intuition told me that pretending like nothing had happened wasn’t the best coping mechanism, yet that’s what I did because I lacked guidance to do otherwise.

When my grandmother passed away two years ago, I found letters I had written explaining what I was experiencing and how I wished that people would ask me about my sadness. It was shocking to see my intuition in-writing because today, everything I do is centered around vulnerability and moving through challenging circumstances. There it was in black and white, a young girl’s intuition guiding her towards the appropriate way to cope with an extremely difficult circumstance. But at that age, I thought I was crazy for making these observations because I waited for an adult to validate them.

Your intuition is you best friend {forever} and a valuable tool you have the ability to tap into anytime you’d like. It’s the captain of your life and many times, the founder of creativity. I started WOWW Campaign based on my intuition and continue to contact women all over the world for interviews because something inside me screams telling me to keep going and try harder. I {gladly} blame my intuition for wanting to change the world and am convinced that most of the answers we seek reside in this place as well.


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