Done is better than perfect
Confession time: it took me years to launch The WOWW Campaign Podcast. I recorded the first episode once I realized that done was better than perfect. In fact, realizing perfection doesn’t exist was an epiphany of its own. I had to break up with the idea of perfection before moving forward, but this took a tremendous amount of self-awareness because I had no idea that I was tied to perfectionism in the first place. I felt so strongly about my breakup with perfection that I even wrote “it” a letter that you can read here.

I began listening to podcasts in 2013 and became quickly addicted. It’s in my DNA to want to understand how things work so I immediately began to do research on the topic and one week later, I was educated on the technology logistics, but I didn’t use this knowledge until 2017. In fact, I did so much research that I became paralyzed in this space. If someone asked about the podcast, I didn’t use the words “paralyzed” because then that’d mean I knew there was a problem. Instead, I hid behind the mask of perfection and always told myself that I needed to know “more” and “get my ducks in a row.” Funny thing is, I couldn’t tell you where to find those ducks or what they even looked like.

Executing on an idea makes all of the difference. Doing something to move the plan forward is what makes the dream happen. As Nike says: just do it. Once it’s done, you’ll know what is going right and what could use some adjustments. Things will never be perfect and that’s why the most important aspect of taking action is accepting that “action” will always be the secret ingredient. Constant action and a steady pace separates a dream from reality, so today I encourage all of you to self-reflect and uncover what’s keeping you from taking a leap of faith? This message doesn’t only apply to entrepreneurship – it applies to all aspects of our lives.

Happy Words of Wisdom Wednesday, everyone! If this message resonated with you in any way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Or, head over to the WOWW Campaign Facebook or Instagram page to let me know if you needed to hear this right now. What keeps me going is knowing that these weekly messages are making a positive impact in the lives of others, so thank you for your feedback!


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