Time Doesn't Heal, Experiences Do
Happy Words of Wisdom Wednesday! As some of y’all know, I’m writing a book about the lessons my exes left behind because I believe there’s a tremendous amount of wisdom in our relationships with other people, especially those we date. By nature, I’m extremely analytical and critical, especially of myself. Analyzing situations and reflecting on what went wrong, right, and everything in between, helps me understand myself better and implement changes in my mindset and/or behavior that are meant to leave a positive footprint in my path. Personal development is extremely important to me because if I don’t feel that I’m moving forward {emotionally}, anxiety and uncertainty flood by brain like a tsunami.

Today’s message is regarding whether or not “timing” is actually medicine for the broken hearted. Does time heal all wounds? Well, in my experience, I don’t think time plays a role. In fact, I think it’s a phrase people say to avoid having in-depth conversations about a current situation. What I’ve learned is that experiences heal us, not timing. Whether we date someone for 6 months or 6 years, the experiences we have once the relationship is over are what matter most. If the relationship of 6 years became more of a routine with little physical, verbal, or emotional connection, it’s likely that when it’s over, any experience you have is going to feel better than the actual relationship. However, the opposite is likely to happen too. If a short relationship ends abruptly because of a fight, but overall you felt a deeper connection, it’s difficult to replace those loving experiences and therefore, you may feel sad for longer than you’d like.

In today’s episode, I talk about two different relationships that describe the above scenario which taught me that experiences are really the medicine we need. The new experiences don’t have to include a new relationship, but rather feelings of fulfillment and joy. The more happiness we feel afterwards, the easier it is to heal and often, we can achieve this by ourselves without having to jump into another romantic relationship. I’d love to hear what you thought of today’s message! Please leave any feedback in the comments below or on our Instagram or Facebook pages.