You Will Smile AgainI remember the first time I experienced disappointment when one of my ex-boyfriends and I decided to go our different ways. I knew I was too young and unaware to be in a serious relationship, but nevertheless, letting go of that first love was painful and hard to accept. The first thing I wondered was if I’d ever feel that kind of love again; I didn’t know if I would smile again. It was the kind of love that makes you forget other people exist in the universe and the kind of love that makes you believe that anything is possible. It was young love, but it was pure love.

It seems that there’s a pattern in my life when I break up with an ex-boyfriend. I always make drastic changes the moment I realize I wasn’t living up to my full potential when I was in the relationship. Years ago, I decided to move and study abroad, which led to a plethora of new lifelong friendships and wonderful experiences. I went out most days of the week and was usually the first one to arrive at every social gathering I was invited to because I craved human interaction more than anything. When my ex-boyfriend and I dated, I rarely went out or experienced new things since we fell into a routine rather quickly. Naturally, this new chapter felt exciting because of the fun stories that came along with every exhilarating event.

As time passed, I found myself smiling more often and soon, the feeling of heartbreak and confusion started to feel like a distant memory. When you’re going through something painful, it’s not unusual to wonder if those sad feelings will stay there permanently. They’re so profound that it seems impossible that they’ll pass through, like everything else in life. Those emotions begin to identify with the unrealistic thoughts that you may never smile again, but you will. I did smile again and not because I was happy to have gotten over my ex-boyfriend, but because the life I began to live later on was a reminder that joy could still be found in unexpected places.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday is to remind you of that fact: you will smile again. Don’t force it or fake happiness because eventually, the true emotions will surface. Rather, have unwavering faith that your life will begin to unfold as it should and that way, when those new fulfilling experiences show up, you’ll not only genuinely smile because they’re happening, but you’ll also thank the universe for showing you that everything is temporary. Enjoy the new reasons why you’re smiling and be grateful that your pain didn’t last a lifetime.