Your Reflection May Blind Some PeopleToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the reactions we receive from people as a result of taking action in our own life. Although your intentions may be in a good place, which includes celebrating vulnerability and courage, people around you may not celebrate those triumphs in the way you expect them to. This happens because your reflection may blind some people and also serve as a mirror to show them what they have not been able to accomplish.

I’ve had ex boyfriends and friends that became annoyed whenever I was friendly towards a stranger. Initiating a conversation would be frowned upon and sometimes followed by a passive aggressive comment referencing my desire to want to connect with people. Initially, I took this as unwarranted criticism that I saw to be completely unnecessary. As a result, I’d become defensive towards the individual that would reject my innate personality traits. However, as time and life have shown up, I’ve learned that people often react due to their internal environment, not yours.

Engaging with strangers, starting a business, leaving a relationship, all of these things require some type of courage and vulnerability; two traits that many wish they had, but can’t figure out how to acquire. Therefore, many of the things we decide to do in our own life serves as a reflection for others and that itself, is enough to blind a village. I mention these experiences in today’s podcast episode because it’s important for us to be realistic about the expectations we have for other people so that when we begin our own journey, we’re not filled with a plethora of disappointments. The things you do in your life and the courageous actions you choose to embark on may not only blind some people, but also serve as a reminder of what they’re incapable of doing. This is easier said than done, but displaying empathy and compassion in these scenarios makes all of the difference. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind-eye and accept verbal or emotional abuse, rather we should become aware of the reality and create separation so that our emotions and feelings aren’t inundated with external chatter that in the end, has nothing to do with us.