Everyone Has A Place In Your LifeBy nature, I’d define myself as an “intense” person because I’m passionate about topics and my love towards certain conversations isn’t forced. This trait naturally translates into my personal life because my relationships with people carry a lot of weight since allowing someone into my space isn’t the easiest task. Although I’m fascinated by human beings and the complexity of our emotional and mental state, who I spend my free time is a different story. I don’t have a lot of free time, therefore, where it’s allocated and how it’s dispersed is strategically calculated.

I used to think that everyone in our life had to occupy the place of “BFF.” However, life and time have taught me that individuals vary for a reason and therefore, it’s normal that our dynamic with people vary as well. Everyone isn’t meant to be our best friend or love of our life. In fact, many people are here for the sole purpose of teaching us lessons and exposing us to new ways of thinking. Some people are here to open our hearts, even after they’ve been broken. The point is, everyone has a place in your life. The reason some people only stay for a season remains a mystery, but always has a purpose, which is why we should be grateful for the experiences we’re a part of with these people.

In this episode of Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I talk about how I’ve learned to accept the different types of relationships into my life. Looking back on my friendships, they were what I needed at the time even though some of them may have transformed into something different that now feels foreign. As people, we’re constantly changing, so it’s only normal that the relationships in our life evolve as well. When a relationship ends, look for the lessons because they’re always there, waiting to be discovered. Often time, there’s shame associated with the end of a relationship or friendship because we’re afraid that others may think we’re not worthy or flawed in some way. In order to embrace the lessons that arise from these situations, we must first let go of the need to please other people and accept that regardless of circumstances, people will always have an opinion about situations unrelated to them. By releasing the shame, we open ourselves to the possibility of self-awareness, enlightenment, fresh perspectives, and a yearning for personal development.