We're All In This TogetherI love talking about relationships and the lessons that various circumstances left behind in my life. Because of this, I decided to write a book titled: 10 Lessons My Exes Left Behind. If you’d like to know when it’ll be available on Amazon, sign up to our newsletter using this link.

Today’s message is about empathy and how realizing that we’re more similar than we are different helped me feel compassion and empathy towards ex boyfriends that I once felt didn’t deserve any of these emotions from me. In this podcast episode, I talk about how my faith and believing that we all come from the same “Source” influenced my perspective by eliminating hierarchy between personalities and individuals. Realizing that we all feel pain and heartache but maybe show it in different ways allowed me to feel closer to people that I had previously rejected.

In no way does this mean that we should allow everyone into our life because of these similarities. Rather, this perspective should serve to help us heal and let go of situations and people by not allowing feelings of anger or remorse to feed our ego. “We are all in this together” is a reminder that we all have our highs and lows and we all make mistakes in different areas of our life. The magnitude of our mistakes don’t make one person better than the other. On the contrary, I’ve learned that many of the experiences and feelings we encounter are inevitable because life is full of suffering. Therefore, these similarities among human beings should support why we should forgive more often, exhibit compassion and remember that we are all in this together.