Founders of Stop, Breathe & Think AppJulie Campistron and Jamie Price are the Founders of Stop, Breathe & Think. I first discovered them on Apple’s show, Planet of the Apps. In this podcast interview, they share their background, how they met, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and how they manage to be mothers while being part of a startup.

Julie and Jami came from a corporate and non-profit environment before joining forces and making it their mission to encourage meditation and stillness through their app. They talk about how meditation has helped them in their personal life during difficult times, such as grief and loss. Slowing down increased their focus and level of acceptance, whether it was learning to manage their demanding careers or the passing of difficult emotions as they surfaced. Because meditation and stillness is something I’ve incorporated into my daily routine, I was curious to know how their path led them to become entrepreneurs.

During our conversation, you’ll hear them discuss details about personal circumstances that paved the way to their present and future. Through various professional changes and experiences, Julie and Jamie talk about the how they believe that each one of those moments served as a building block for their personal and professional growth. They’ve learned to prioritize under the pressure that comes with the technology startup space, and along the way, have picked up tools and resources that they continue to apply in their business, Stop, Breathe & Think. In this interview, you’ll hear inspiring lessons from two women that are paving the way for others, including mothers and aspiring entrepreneurs.