Distance From People Can Be Good For The SoulToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of choosing your surroundings wisely, including people you allow into your life. We often hear the words “the more the merrier,” but this isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, our souls need to be protected and ‘distance’ happens to be the cure.

Distance creates space, both physically and mentally. It’s true that we often appreciate what we have once it’s no longer available. That’s not to say that only through alienation will we feel gratitude because we can be grateful when we’re close to others, too. However, space, silence, distance and solitude can be used for the positive. We often notice a shift in some way and this helps us clarify whether this is a relationship worth keeping or not. Distance between two individuals should be seen as something positive and a tool that can only benefit us in the long-run.

When two people separate, they either come back together or stay apart and when the separation is permanent, most people realize they’re better off without the other, which is a win for all parties involved. Fear often keeps us from exploring this space and therefore, we fight to keep things unified when maybe there’s nothing left to salvage. Today’s message was recorded to inspire you and encourage you to look at these scenarios with an optimistic mindset. We learn and grow through our experiences and practicing these messages, which is why it’s important that they’re discussed. Distance from people isn’t always a negative outcome and today’s Words of Wisdom explores the many different ways that this has been true in my life.