Alex Molina Covenant HouseI first knew of Alex Molina’s story on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago during an episode that I’m sure no one remembers {kidding}: the one where everyone got a car. During this episode, Alex received a makeover as well as other gifts that would later pave the way for the new trajectory her life was getting ready to embark on.

Super Soul Sunday recently did a short segment at the end of one of their episodes featuring Alex Molina’s life and how things had come full circle for her. The non-profit organization that once became her home, Covenant House, was now her place of work and she was giving back in ways that she hadn’t previously imagined. During this segment, Alex was seen speaking about her life, her experiences, and some of the lessons she had gathered along the way. I knew I had to interview her when I couldn’t stop thinking about her story and how she managed to now have such a positive perspective after everything she had gone through.

Tears filled my eyes for what seemed like hours and the next morning, I knew interviewing Alex Molina would be one of the last conversations I’d have in 2017. Her energy and contagious optimistic way of looking at life is felt throughout the interview. Above all, her sense of gratitude for “what is” versus “what could’ve been” is something I hope everyone takes away from her story. From growing up in foster homes to being granted emancipation, Alex found a home in people, Covenant House and through unexpected circumstances that today, make her the strong woman I had the privilege of interviewing.

Alex Molina’s story is one of resilience, faith, perseverance and unconditional love. My hope is that everyone that listens to this interview is equally as inspired as I was and that when we’re going through a challenging time in our life, we recall her story and remember that regardless of how things may seem right now, there’s always a way through as long as we choose to keep going.