Self-Care Is Not SelfishLately, I hear a lot of references made about the importance of “self-care” but to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant or entailed. I would immediately picture myself getting a manicure whenever I’d hear this topic come up. But lately, I’ve become more curious about the idea of taking care of yourself and what that actually feels like.

The past six months have been some of the happiest times of my entire life so I’ve taken time to carefully examine the things that have contributed to these joyful {pun intended} feelings. I want to begin by clarifying that my sudden increase in happiness hasn’t come from the abolition of sad or unhappy moments. Neither has it been a result of a sudden inheritance or pile of wealth that has allowed me to travel the world. None of that has remotely happened, so like everyone else, I still have “bad” days and continue to be a motivated entrepreneur trying to grow my platform.

The cause of my happiness has been because of “self-care” and the fact that I finally know what that means for me. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and in fact, it should be required. You can’t give to others what you don’t give to yourself, so it’s important to define those parameters sooner than later. I learned that saying “no” isn’t difficult for me to do and when I agree to circumstances or people that go against who I truly am, it doesn’t feel good in my body and sooner or later, ends up manifesting in negative ways. Therefore, I started to say ‘no’ a lot more often while creating boundaries in my friendships and relationships so I could remain true to myself. This resulted in spending less time with people that had gone way past their expiration date in my life. I learned that everyone isn’t meant to stay forever and taking care of myself, actually putting self-care into practice, meant being honest.

For the first time in months, I recently took a day off to act like a tourist. I realized that I refrained from doing non-working activities because my childhood taught me that in order to be valued, doing something/anything was necessary. I felt worthless when I wasn’t working, so I always worked. But one of the greatest epiphanies I’ve had has been related to my work and this podcast. I’ve come to the conclusion that self-care is everything that makes your heart sing and for some, that includes the professional work you do or how you make a living. I’m lucky to be in a field that speaks to my soul on a daily basis and even though it’s hard for many to believe that I rather be working than doing almost anything else, it’s true. In this episode of Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I talk about the importance of self-care, what that looks like for me and why I feel the need to encourage other women to seek similar feelings within themselves.