You Can't Do It AloneI’ve interviewed many female leaders and there’s a common denominator that was the inspiration behind today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, neighbor, or your faith, we all rely on something/someone to remind us we’re not in this alone. I discuss how some of my darkest moments that came after my grandmother’s passing was due to extreme feelings associated with loneliness, which in turn led to isolation and despair.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, the purpose of today’s message is to encourage unity because regardless of our path, we need other people to navigate some of life’s challenges. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how my faith ultimately played a positive role in my depression and was a catalyst to my recovery. Believing in something greater and ultimately, the thought that someone was by my side guiding my steps gave me strength because alone, the thought of doing life was too much to do on my own.

“You can’t do it alone” is a message I hope leaves women feeling inspired to not only help others, but also seek help for themselves. Independence is great, but it’s not the ultimate source of power and I do believe that because we need one another, we’re all better together.