Don't Bring Your Past Into Your PresentToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about choosing to start again and not allowing your past to dictate your present actions. Because we’ve all been hurt, rejected, betrayed and disappointed, it’s important to remain aware of how these emotions leave scars that later manifest in different ways.

Many times, we react based on what we’ve previously been through, but these reactions aren’t always positive and often, close us off from the possibility of experiencing new people, relationships and opportunities. The purpose of today’s podcast episode is to remind women everywhere that while it’s important to learn from the past, it’s even more important to make a conscious effort not to allow the scars that remain in our hearts to pave the way of our future.

In both our personal and professional life, there will be hardships and challenging times. But choosing to start again requires us to continue putting our best foot forward. We should strive to give our present everything we have in order to avoid regret. “Don’t bring your past into your present” is about cherishing the lessons that painful experiences left behind but appreciating the “new” for what it is: the opportunity to begin again and create new memories that just might surprise us.