Keep It Real With YourselfBefore I launched the WOWW Campaign podcast, I took about 18 months off from entrepreneurship. I knew I was grieving the death of my grandmother, but I had no idea why our relationship was so significant in my life. “Love” was not enough of an explanation and so I waited to understand so I could move on with my life and get back to the work I love doing, which is inspiring women through storytelling.

One of the things that shifted my life drastically was when I began to be honest with myself by answering some of the hardest questions I’ve ever asked. In order to uncover the root of my pain, I had to face aspects of myself and my past that I had previously kept hidden from the world. As I’ve said in other podcast episodes, it all starts with self-awareness.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of being honest with ourselves and how doing this is the gateway to many other things. Positive change results from having the courage and humility to admit to ourselves what we’ve been avoiding. I was able to launch the podcast and feel more motivated than ever when I understood where my fear came from because it separated me from the fear itself. The more I understood cause and effect, the less I revolved my identity around this emotion. “Keeping it real with yourself” paves the way for a path of self-discovery and introspection that often leads to a more fulfilling life because we become less afraid of experiencing the range of emotions that accompany all of our experiences. There’s nothing scarier than facing ourselves and once this can be done, everything else is confronted with less fear.