Everyone Won't Be Happy For YouIn this podcast episode, you’ll hear why regardless of your intentions, everyone won’t be happy for you and your accolades. Whether you’re trying to make a positive social impact through your business or your desire is to evolve into a better human being, don’t expect people to give you unsolicited praise.

When we end a relationship, we exhibit courage and strength because many times, we’re simultaneously stepping into the unknown and inviting a range of emotions as a result of these difficult decisions. When we choose to start a business, a similar thing happens because regardless of how many books we read or how many hours we meditate, nothing guarantees us success and certainty. Again, we step into unknown territory and risk feeling emotions associated with fear. However, the common denominator here is courage. And while many people wish they had it, the truth is that this characteristic is like a muscle that has to be used and doesn’t automatically come instilled within all of us. As I’ve stepped into various phases and roles in my life, regardless of the level of difficulty, risk has always been involved. My courage has often been a reflection for others that subconsciously are trying to find it within themselves. I’ve learned that if someone is not secure or happy with where they are in life, it’s difficult for them to be there for others that are rising in some way or another.

The larger my visions and ambitions became, the lonelier it has felt. Regardless of how much success or determination someone shows, we are all still human. We all crave to be heard, seen and loved, so unsolicited praise is always appreciated, but shouldn’t be expected. Continue to climb and achieve desirable circumstances, but realize that not everyone will be happy for you and this has nothing to do with who you are as a person, but rather who they currently are not.