Comparing Yourself Is UnhealthySocial media has both positive and negative aspects because it has allowed us to connect with people, but at the same time has also made us disconnect from one another. We all struggle at some point in our life but social media creates the falsa illusion that some people are free of suffering and challenges, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

This episode is about emphasizing the fact that the highlight reel (i.e. Instagram) is not real. Comparison is the act that prevents us from staying on our path and focusing on where we’re headed instead of where we haven’t been. It’s an unhealthy habit because we focus on what we’re lacking instead of what we already have. Experiencing gratitude is one of the reasons we’re able to attract other positive circumstances, which is why it’s important to exercise this habit on a daily basis. Only when we remain focused on our personal accomplishments and journey can we experience gratitude.

Today’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode is about eliminating toxic habits that we’ve become accustomed to, such as comparison. It’s never too late to begin so don’t worry about where others are in their life. Everyones footprint and destiny is meant to vary. Regardless of whether or not businesses have outgrown us, it’s our responsibility to focus on our personal target because no two paths will resemble one another.