You're Different For A ReasonToday’s message is about embracing our individuality and the unique aspects that make us different from one another. Media, society, people and other factors often have a negative impact on the views we have of ourselves. External sources encourage women to be someone other than who they really are, leaving us with feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy.

During today’s podcast episode, I share my personal experiences with this topic and how I tried to change parts of my personality in order to have a greater sense of approval from others. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been the type of person to take initiative in many different ways. This trait is often seen as “bossy” or masculine, so I suppressed this part of my personality as often as I could in an effort to be seen as a more feminine and “soft” woman.

Our individuality is truly all we have and something we should each be proud of. It’s our fingerprint on this earth and the reason we all have something different to offer to one another and the projects we are a part of. This Words of Wisdom Wednesday message is meant to inspire women to appreciate and be grateful for all of the various things that make us unique human beings. Enjoy today’s message, ladies!