Reveal To HealToday’s Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the power behind revealing the things we suppress and are ashamed of. I share my personal experience with my lifelong battle with depression and how hiding this part of me actually made things worse. A lot of positive change happened as a result of being less afraid of what people would say and dismissing the possibility of shame. My life took a turn for the better the moment I decided to prioritize incorporating new habits and rituals that would hopefully address the depressed feelings I was experiencing.

When you don’t have to hide who you are, everything feels lighter. For me, this allowed for new energy to replace the energy I was using to keep my depression a secret from the world. Healing begins with revealing and if we’re stuck on keeping something a secret, we can’t begin to heal those parts of ourselves which in turn, allow us to live an authentic life. Depression was not the only thing that affected me, keeping it a secret prevented me from growing both mentally and emotionally as well.

What are you afraid to talk about? What moments in your life are you afraid people will know about? What habits do you try to hide from the world? Are your thoughts something you’re happy no one can see? If someone could hear your mind at-work, what would that sound like? These questions are the things that led to a plethora of self-discovery and ultimately, a much happier life.