Making mistakes does not mean we’ve failed. Often, uncomfortable and negative situations occur to teach us something. Whether we have to learn something about ourselves or other people, falling flat on our face is something we should celebrate more often because they’re learning experiences.

In todays Words of Wisdom Wednesday episode, I talk about the various falls I’ve had, both personally and professionally. Each fall has been infused with insight and have often served as reminders to stay on-course. When I’ve lost focus and fallen because of a decision I’ve made, I’m reminded through the hardships of where I was originally headed, which in turn has  made me reevaluate the change in direction.

When I’ve fallen because of a heartbreak, I was forced to look at the characteristics that were originally holding me together, which were often faulty because at the sight of loss, I’d lose myself. When I fell because of a lost business opportunity, I’d realize the control fear had over my being. I would often stay down because of fear that I’d continue to lose.

But through the hurdles and bruises, falling has taught me me that you only truly fail when you refuse to stand up again. When you avoid walking into the arena that once defeated you, you relinquish control to a future that hasn’t yet occurred.