Todays Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode is about the importance of placing value on your life in order to increase the quality of your existence. I discuss how changing and acknowledging the importance of my perspective regarding the subject shifted many of my behaviors. When my depression was in its darkest state, I wanted to simply exist and wished the days would go by as quickly as possible. Previously, everyday habits were done subconsciously and indulgence was non-existent. My goal was to get through the day instead of enjoying the gift that each day brings.

After I realized that each day was not guaranteed, I began to have a sense of urgency to live. I slowly started to place more value on the simple things like breathing and being able to taste foods, which ultimately lead to more gratitude. The sum of these behaviors and experiences resulted in more happiness and feelings of joy. Today, it’s what I refer to as “living.” Living your life means appreciating everything that’s in front of you instead of lamenting the past or worrying about the future.

Eventually, mornings became something I looked forward to instead of avoiding. I started to seize the day instead of allowing it to takeover my mind. I began to live outside of my mind by acknowledging the various aspects of nature that consistently felt like miracles. Everything turned brighter and while I still battled various episodes of depression, overall, I felt like a different person that was excited and grateful to be alive. Asking ourselves the question whether we’re simply existing or living has the ability to lead us on a different path that’s often trying to give us a more fulfilling life.