Bask in LaughterIt’s only when “the end” knocks on our door that we reflect on the moments that actually mattered. Much of the conflict we experience with other individuals stems from misunderstandings and lack of clarity, but rarely stems from meaningful things that we should forever hold onto. However, this doesn’t stop us from hurting one another and making circumstances a much bigger deal than they need to be. We do this with friends, family members, loved ones, partners, strangers, and yet a fundamental aspect is often overlooked: in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

Today’s Words of Wisdom episode is about the importance of basking in laughter because joy  is underrated until you no longer have access to it. Appreciate the moments that you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and remember that nothing is permanent. Focus on your level of self-awareness so that the next time you’re sitting in front of someone you love, you choose to rejoice instead of looking for what’s missing. One of the lessons my past relationships has left behind was due to conflict arising. When I realized I couldn’t remember why most arguments began, I instantly noticed that they probably didn’t matter to begin with. However, when I savored the joyful moments, I immediately wished I would have been able to freeze time.

I share this lesson with all of you because it’s important to realize what we could do more of, and not only reflect on things to avoid. Bask in laughter because you never know the turns life takes and how much time we have left. This message is not suggesting you ignore other subject matters that are important to you, but pick your battles wisely. As life goes on, we don’t wish we would have spent more time fighting. In fact, time and the inevitable “end” serves to remind us that since nothing is guaranteed, we have a choice to shift our focus, and ultimately our energy. Where focus goes, energy flows.