Love Is Always The AnswerIn todays Words of Wisdom Wednesday podcast episode, I talk about love and how it has been one of the main solutions to most of my personal problems. Not only is love the answer when it comes to relationships, but it also helps us shift our perspective which in turn, shifts our behavior and how we show up to circumstances. Love is always the answer, whether or not we realize it in the moment.

I began to uncover the root of my mental health issues when I realized that I wasn’t in love with my life. In this episode, you’ll hear how appreciation for the simple things in life resulted in more feelings of gratitude which were essentially emotions embedded in love. Love for nature, love for health, and love for everything else that previously went unnoticed.

Love also became the solution for the things that prevented self-love from existing. The more I began to love my life, the more I appreciated my existence here on earth. I began to feel more comfortable setting boundaries with people because love towards myself meant putting my happiness first. Eliminating toxic relationships also came as a result of an increase in love. Loving the life I’ve been given has resulted in many positive decisions whose sole objective is to seek more happiness and fulfillment.

When it comes to forgiveness, love was also the answer. During times of conflict or misunderstanding, we have two choices: to seek the light or remain in the dark. Choosing the light means looking for the good in people or maybe displaying compassion towards those that come across as wounded. In this episode, you’ll hear how love allowed me to forgive my ex boyfriends and also feel more empathy towards them even though their actions caused me tremendous pain at one point.

Love translates into so many different things which is why I decided to record todays message on Valentine’s Day. How we treat one another and people we barely know all stems from how we view ourselves and the world around us. Much of the unity we need requires high doses of love and empathy, but we must first make the choice to sit in the seat that the world so desperately needs.