Joy and Cici UnfilteredIn this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, you’ll hear about Cici B.’s recent trip to Miami. Cici mentions what made this one of her best birthday celebrations as well as the other activities that were coordinated, reminding her of how fortunate she is to be in a position where her passion and profession are linked together. From “Meet & Greets” to speaking engagements, Cici B. shares her gratitude and appreciation towards her readers and the students that welcomed her story during her recent visit to Miami.

During this podcast episode, Joy and Cici also answer some listener questions related to relationships and how to avoid feelings of fear as a result of the past to dictate your present and future circumstances. From romantic relationships to friendships, you’ll hear them talk about the benefits that come with eliminating toxic situations in order to make space for new healthy people to enter your life. Joy and Cici also share their experiences with men that have negative reactions towards their profession and how they feel about this when it has shown up.

This episode shares their stories and each of their individual perspectives about various topics related to the people in their past along with the lessons that various circumstances have taught them. From politics to expired friendships, Joy and Cici exchange ideas that are aimed at providing relatable entertainment and unity among women.