Joy and Cici UnfilteredIn this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, Cici B. {AKA @TheCrimsonKiss} and I discuss the frien

dships, dating apps, dating dynamics, relationship experiences and more. We discuss the importance of being selective with your friends and the difference between how we choose who we surround ourself with now vs. before. Not everyone is happy for you when success knocks at your door, regardless of the circumstances the other person is under, which is one of the things we discuss in today’s podcast episode. Cheering for others’ accomplishments is an important characteristic in a friend, especially when you desire to grow and continue to evolve in different areas of your life.

I also explain to Cici B. the dynamics and fundamental premise of dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. Our different approaches to dating make this conversation interesting because of our mentality and person experiences in the world of dating. Cici B. enjoys a more traditional approach and has never dated a complete stranger, while I thoroughly enjoy “small talk” and love getting to know people that our outside of any of my circles. I discuss my preferences regarding “dating profiles” and my current and previous positive experiences with  the online dating world.

Also in the dating realm, we answer listener questions related to “how to know if a guy is into you when you first start dating?” We emphasize the importance of verbal conversations and encouraging a dialogue to get the answer you seek versus assuming that a scenario is something it’s not. Cici B. and I also talk about the fact that since different people show their affection in different ways, it’s essential that we pay attention to our present situation versus comparing or contrasting against a standard that may or may not actually exist or be relevant in our life.

Overall, this episode is filled with personal testimonials about the topics we discuss, which always incorporates our multi-dimensional perspectives. As always, all things discussed in today’s episode can be found using the links below. Enjoy another episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered!