Joy and Cici UnfilteredJoy and Cici Unfiltered is a bi-monthly collaboration between Cici B. {@TheCrimsonKiss} and Joy Pecoraro {@WOWWcampaign}. #JoyandCiciUnfiltered is a podcast collaboration aimed at discussing various topics centered around relationships, friendships, entrepreneurship, personal development and other experiences that have resulted in life lessons. These conversations between Joy Pecoraro and Cici B. are meant to be entertaining, inspiring and encouraging.

In today’s podcast episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, you’ll hear about how they’ve each been impacted by their recent health choices and the importance of consistency whenever a change is desired. They also discuss how they each “recharge” and the tools/habits they implement to regain energy or push through a difficult circumstance that may result in a decrease of emotional, mental and physical energy. Joy Pecoraro talks about how consuming local-grown foods has improved her overall well-being as well as incorporating daily habits that provide a sense of inspiration in order to keep a positive mindset. Cici B. discusses the impact that sleep has on her life and how essential it is that she physically rest whenever she starts to notice that her energy levels are low. In this episode, you’ll also hear Cici B. talk about the changes she’s noticed since deciding to focus on recent healthier food choices.

During their conversation, they also address a question from a listener about how to deal with a friendship that no longer adds value to your life. Tough conversations between friends is inevitable, but often necessary. However, it’s sometimes impossible to have successful tough conversations with friends due to different personality traits. Do you “ghost” them or tell them that the friendship needs to end? Cici B. and Joy each share a personal experience that resembles each outcome and why they chose to go that route. In conclusion, they emphasize that every relationship is different and because dynamics and circumstances vary, it’s important to assess everything accordingly since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Joy and Cici discuss many different topics during their conversation, but during today’s podcast episode, you’ll also hear a surprise announcement for all listeners about something exciting they have planned in 2018. All links referenced in today’s episode are below and please feel free to share #JoyandCiciUnfiltered with others. **A friendly reminder: Mature audience only since this episode contains profanity and adult content.**