Joy and Cici Unfiltered
Welcome to the first episode of the Joy & Cici Unfiltered podcast series! Cici B. {AKA The Crimson Kiss} and I are collaborating to bring you these episodes twice per month on The WOWW Campaign Podcast platform. My first interaction with Cici was in May of 2017 when I had the opportunity to interview her on my platform. If you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to her interview, you can do that here. After an almost 3-hour conversation that day, I knew that she was a woman I’d want to keep in-touch with and hopefully establish a relationship with as well because honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a woman that is honest and direct with someone they’ve never even met in-person before?

Three months later, we’re together again. One week after suggesting a collaboration and discussing some of the logistics, Cici and I were able to sit down and record the first episode of #JoyandCiciUnfiltered. Every month, you’ll hear us discuss different suggested topics from our audience, as well as things that are relevant in our present-day life. Today’s episode is full of laughs, *explicit* conversations, personal stories, testimonials, and a plethora of opinions. Please note the word ‘explicit’ – #JoyandCiciUnfiltered is not a series you want to listen to while you’re in the car with your children and/or if you’re sensitive to profanity. If you personally know either one of us, you can be sure that we’re never left quite speechless or depleted of a perspective, which is one of the many reasons why recording today’s episode was so fun. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts about what we discussed!

Topic highlights in today’s episode:

  • Importance of self-awareness when navigating the end of any relationship
  • Lessons about ourselves as a result of an ex
  • Friendship breakups
  • Girl code
  • Overcoming heartbreak
  • Knowing yourself better than anyone {including the good, bad, ugly & embarrassing}

If there’s a topic and/or question you’d like us to discuss on the podcast, feel free to reach out to any of us via social media @TheCrimsonKiss @WOWWcampaign. Or, tweet us using the hashtag #JoyandCiciUnfiltered.


Podcast Song/Music Credit: Time Travel by Jasmine Jordan