Joy and Cici UnfilteredIn the last episode of the year, Joy and Cici Unfiltered discuss the lessons and highlights of 2017 including experiences with friends that have transformed the dynamics of relationships in their lives.

Cici B. and Joy Pecoraro talk about the takeaways from friendships that have ended this past year and current situations that require various straightforward communication strategies. As entrepreneurs, they also discuss their current schedule that allows for flexibility, but also requires them to work around schedules that many individuals struggle understanding and which then leads to boundaries being implemented. As usual, their conversation is full of present-day situations that may cause you to reflect on your own life and circumstances that also provide listeners with entertainment. They share what they’ve been through and where they’re headed in this coming year in a genuine and authentic manner that hopefully resonates with many listeners. You’ll hear their personal stance on New Years Resolutions and what their future professional intentions entail as well as what they’ve learned from setting previous goals.

Wishing all Joy and Cici Unfiltered listeners a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!