Joy and Cici Unfiltered

Welcome back if you listened to the first episode of #JoyandCiciUnfiltered last week! If this is your first time listening, we’re happy you’re here. However, I highly recommend listening to the first episode {link here} we recorded so you get to know us a little more, our overall tone and perspective. This week, Cici and I sit down to talk about the pressure women feel to settle down and the consistent messages we’re receiving from society telling us to have children and spouses, regardless of the circumstances. This means that often times, people are more focused on your “biological clock” than the foundation on which your children will be introduced. Doesn’t it make more sense to create a healthy and loving environment so that when you’re ready, your children and relationships are more likely to prevail {and win} instead of suffering and falling apart? This conversation includes a plethora of vulnerable opinions from both Cici and I that are aimed to encourage healthy and sustainable ways of promoting individuality. Life should be on your terms as long as you’re not hurting yourself or those around you. However, we must stay awake and aware of the times we choose to stand and applaud those that stand beside us. As a Latina, it’s common to encounter this pressure in my culture, which is something I’ve never been in favor of. In fact, rejecting society’s expectations has created distance between my family and I because my goals and aspirations differ from theirs. Standing alone for something you believe in doesn’t have to be lonely; it can be empowering, too.

Cici goes into detail about women’s circumstances she’s been exposed to and how she feels that she can learn from observing, rather than participating. Even though it’s 2017, women all over the world are being encouraged to settle down with an urgency to be “rescued.” In this episode, you’ll hear Cici and I promoting another superhero: ourselves. Women have the power to not only achieve goals, but surpass them as well. We’re witnessing an era where women are breaking down barriers and are able to lift others as they climb. Therefore, why not applaud the women that want a brighter future for themselves and the potential family they may/or may not want to conceive one day?

In this episode of #JoyandCiciUnfiltered, you’ll also hear us share testimonials about what’s it’s like as an ambitious entrepreneur to be in a situation where you feel that people around you aren’t interested in celebrating your triumphs and victories. It comes as no surprise why Oprah and Gayle are inseparable. Despite Oprah’s resume and long list of achievements, Gayle continues to be her cheerleader and team captain…even after all of these years. Unfortunately, relationships like these are hard to come by and as you move forward in life, you begin to realize that those that take the initiative to celebrate you aren’t the ones you may have initially envisioned being beside you.

This episode is not all “serious” talk – we hope you’ll laugh alongside us as well. As in the first episode we recorded, there are plenty of opportunities for you to laugh at us, or with us. Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy this collaboration between The Crimson Kiss {Cici B.} & WOWW Campaign {Joy}. We’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments, questions & suggestions below!