Joy and Cici UnfilteredIn this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, Cici B. and I talk about race, bullying, unhealthy friendships, first-date pet peeves, and more. A few weeks ago, there was a controversial situation between two Youtube personalities: Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights. Jaclyn Hill posted a video of Kathleen Lights on her Snapchat where she was filmed saying the N word while playing a video game. In today’s episode, you’ll hear us talk about this controversy and how we feel about people using that term, which gives a multidimensional perspective from our various backgrounds and nationalities. Cici B. and I go into detail about the impact these conversations have on the future of our society and our mentality, as well as the cyber bullying that social media influencers receive in situations such as these. Unfortunately, online bullying doesn’t only happen when you’re part of a controversy because as Cici discusses, she receives derogatory racial comments on a regular basis simply for having a large platform that seems to appeal to mass audiences, including bullies.

In this episode of Joy and Cici Unfiltered, you’ll also hear us briefly discuss how we feel about  “friends” that are not supportive of their loved ones accomplishments and the fact that jealousy from others can be a hurtful experience.

Lastly, we discuss some of our pet peeves on first dates such as “whether or not the man should pay for the first date” and men that always play the victim whenever they’re referring to previous relationships. We talk about our experiences in these situations and how our mindset shifts under such circumstances.