Juliana MulhollandJuliana Mulholland is the founder of Desert to Sea Travel. She first started her career as an attorney and made the transition into entrepreneurship when she realized her lifestyle did not make her an ideal candidate for a law firm.

She is now a travel advisor who says her law degree helped her become a better negotiator and communicator. In this episode, Juliana talks about some of the lessons she’s learned in her professional journey as an entrepreneur. She also opens up about a personal circumstance that shifted her perspective in many different ways, allowing her to look at the complexity of the human condition in a whole new light.

When one of her best friends passed away unexpectedly, Juliana was surprised by the circumstances and the emotional aftermath. During the conversation with Juliana, you’ll hear her thoughts on mental health and why she now believes it’s important to discuss these topics openly and candidly. Enjoy the podcast episode with Juliana Mulholland!