Katherine HarrisToday’s interview is with an inspiring woman that’s not afraid to speak her truth and learn from her current and previous perspectives. Katherine Harris is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Refined Woman. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear us discuss everything from entrepreneurship, relationship goals, family life, vulnerability, spirituality, health, and more!

Kat Harris shares how her perspectives have evolved over time and with those changes, have come new experiences that have taught her to keep moving forward. Kat openly discusses the difficulties behind entrepreneurship and discouraging moments that lead to stress and self-doubt. The Refined Woman was created to inspire women through interviews and although they have a social mission, the journey has also come with obstacles, like many other businesses. During the interview, you’ll hear Kat talk about what these challenges have looked like and what the journey of The Refined Woman has looked like. If you’ve felt discouraged as a result of life taking on new forms, you’ll enjoy this inspirational conversation with Kat Harris.

In her life, Kat has also learned to listen more to her emotional and mental needs, especially after encountering difficult physical circumstances that forced her to slow down and evaluate her workload and how she was incorporating ‘balance’ into her routine. In this episode, this is also one of the few times I discuss my TIA (transient stroke) and how that made me realize that regardless of age or lifestyle, no one is invincible and often, what we can’t see or measure is what hurts us most.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Katherine Harris! Links to The Refined Woman and their respective social media pages are below. Please let us know how this interview inspired you or made you look at things differently by leaving your comments in this post.