Kristina Yeo

Kristina Yeo is a model and mental health activist. I found Kristina through social media when her posts about mental health illnesses began to catch my attention. She spoke openly and honestly about the importance of breaking the stigma behind depression and anxiety. In this conversation, you’ll hear Kristina’s personal experiences with mental health and the circumstances that aided a recovery plan. Mourning the loss of her grandparents and ending a toxic relationship played a vital role in Kristina’s life because in both situations, discovery and underlying issues became the foundation on which she was later able to build upon. Dealing with mental health looks different on everyone, but the common denominator is the existence of the illness, itself. One of the most difficult things is talking openly about what we’re experiencing because of the shame associated with these emotions and state-of-being.

Breaking the stigma has become Kristina Yeo’s mission. Kristina mentions that as your audience and platform grow, it often opens up the door to more criticism and external pressure. Because of this, it’s essential that our mental health become a priority. Focusing on strengthening this aspect of ourselves becomes part of our survival kit so that our stability doesn’t vary with the opinions of other people.

Kristina Yeo is an inspirational and courageous woman who’s level of empathy and compassion towards others has exponentially increased as a result of her own life. It was an honor to talk to Kristina and openly talk about topics that have always been near and dear to my heart due to my own personal story. Thank you Kristina for sharing your story with WOWW Campaign and inspiring women across the world.

Kristina Yeo Instagram: @krisyeo

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