Paola Moore, Founder of Rare Trends

Paola Moore is the CEO & Founder of Rare Trends in Austin,TX. Originally from Argentina, Paola brings culture as well as drive and tenacity to the business world. When Paola decided to become an entrepreneur, she asked her father for a loan in order to jumpstart her business. Realizing it would take sacrifice, a few years went by before Paola began to draw a salary from the business. As with any business, consistency and a strong work ethic are required to progress; which is exactly what Paola Moore did while adapting to life’s many challenges.

Paola’s journey towards motherhood was not an easy path. After several IVF treatments and some unsuccessful attempts, she was blessed with three children. Nevertheless, the inconsistency and uncertainty she experienced through the process made her wonder if motherhood would ever create stability. Self-doubt came after she followed strict procedures prescribed by physicians that seemed like a stepping stone towards her dream of becoming a mother. During Paola’s IVF treatment, she mentions that along with doctors orders, she went above and beyond what was required; such as eliminating coffee as a part of her daily routine. In the end, Paola learned that despite what an individual plans in life, there are things that are out of ones control which is a concept she now applies in her business.

Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want and we just have to deal with it
When Paola’s twins were two years old, she pondered where her professional journey would take her next. Shortly after, the entrepreneurship craving was reborn and along came Rare Trends. During Paola’s interview, she mentions the various side effects her professional experience has had on her personal development. In her words, she is now a “more humble person because she’s had a lot of doors slammed in her face”. Her advice to other women is to be more objective and practical with your decisions. Being pragmatic and knowing when to cut your losses and move on are some of the lessons Paola shares with the #WOWW Campaign.

Although at times she experienced hardships in her pregnancy and business, Paola still maintains a positive outlook full of courage and humility. She mentors others when approached and was willing to be transparent in an effort to make a positive impact in our community. Paola Moore is a #WOWW woman and we couldn’t be more proud to share her story with y’all.



  • LOVE Paola and has been a staple in the growing Austin Fashion industry. Great video!!

    • #WOWW Campaign

      Thank you! We’re all big fans of Paola – she is an inspiring woman and great business leader.