Paula Celestino
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Paula Celestino is today’s WOWW Campaign podcast guest. She is the Co-Founder of Crea7ive Interactive Advertising. Crea7ive’s portfolio includes global brands such as Wendy’s and Kraft. Paula and her sister are both sources of inspiration not only for what they’ve accomplished professionally, but also what they’ve had to endure in their personal lives. In this conversation with Paula, she shares what it was initially like to be an immigrant in the United States after having to leave her native country, Argentina. Paula and her family came to the United States after economic circumstances led to them losing everything and being forced to start over in a country they saw as a land of opportunity.

Paula’s sister always showed interest in technology, which eventually became the catalyst for their business. When Paula’s father became ill and they were unable to pay for the medical care, Paula’s mother offered the physician a website for his practice in exchange for medical services. That was the beginning of Crea7ive and as Paula said: “the rest is history.”

Paula shares the emotional experience behind assimilating to a new culture and creating opportunities that would give her and her family a better life. In this conversation, we discuss the impact that today’s political climate has on immigrants and children of immigrants in order to shed light on the mindset that many people bring when they decide to leave their native countries. This was important for me to discuss not only because I’m first-generation American born, but also because of the constant debate surrounding immigration policy. Before coming up with solutions, it’s important that we understand the impact of reforms and laws, and how this has the ability to cripple entire generations and most importantly, the future. We have to constantly look forward, which includes analyzing how today’s choices will be tomorrow’s consequences. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but I believe that sharing stories such as Paula Celestino’s is a start in the right direction.

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