Ala'a Agha Karss

Ep. 118: Ala’a Agha Karss, Founder & CTO of Superiors ICT

Ala'a Agha Karss is the Founder and CTO of Superiors ICT in the Middle East. In this episode, you hear about many of her personal and professional experiences that helped ...
Juliana Mulholland

Ep. 114: Juliana Mulholland, Founder of Desert to Sea Travel

Juliana Mulholland is the founder of Desert to Sea Travel. She first started her career as an attorney and made the transition into entrepreneurship when she realized her lifestyle did ...
Sara Margulis CEO of Honeyfund

Ep. 108: Sara Margulis, CEO & Co-Founder of Honeyfund

Sara Margulis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Honeyfund. She is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. Sara and her husband appeared on ABC's show, Shark Tank, in 2014. They left ...
Janna Ronert Image Skincare

Ep. 104: Janna Ronert, Founder & CEO of Image Skincare

Janna Ronert is the Founder and CEO of IMAGE Skincare. In this interview, she shares what she's learned as an entrepreneur for the past fifteen years. At each stage of ...
Jessica Kupferman & Elsie Escobar, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Ep. 094: Elsie Escobar & Jessica Kupferman, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman are the Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts. In this interview, they talk about how and why they started She Podcasts, where their community is ...
Katherine Ryder

Ep. 092: Katherine Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic

Katherine Ryder is the Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic. Maven is a women's health company where women have the opportunity to be connected to family health providers through a ...
Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Ep. 090: Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Heidi Lovig is the Founder of Heidi Ho Organics. You may recognize Heidi Loving due to an appearance on an episode of ABC's Shark Tank when she pitched her business ...
Liat Hertanu

Ep. 088: Liat Mordechay Hertanu, Co-Founder & CMO of 24me App

Liat Mordechay Hertanu is the Co-Founder & CMO of 24me and a woman in tech. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, she shares her experiences and life lessons with WOWW Campaign ...
Alex Molina Covenant House

Ep. 086: Alexandra Molina, Associate Board Member of Covenant House

I first knew of Alex Molina's story on the Oprah Winfrey Show years ago during an episode that I'm sure no one remembers {kidding}: the one where everyone got a car. During ...
Founders of Stop, Breathe & Think App

Ep. 084: Julie Campistron and Jamie Price, Founders of Stop, Breathe & Think App

Julie Campistron and Jamie Price are the Founders of Stop, Breathe & Think. I first discovered them on Apple's show, Planet of the Apps. In this podcast interview, they share their ...
Crystal Huang

Ep. 078: Crystal Huang, CEO & Co-Founder of Prosky

Crystal Huang is an entrepreneur, wife and mother. Crystal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Prosky: "a one-stop hub for job training and job recruiting." In this interview, Crystal Huang ...
Debbie Millman

Ep. 076: Debbie Millman, Writer and Host of Design Matters Podcast

Debbie Millman is a writer, designer, artist and host of the Design Matters Podcast. Debbie has worked with international brands such as: Pepsi, Burger King, Star Wars and Colgate. She's ...
Nicole Quinn

Ep. 074: Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

I first discovered Nicole Quinn on Apple's show, Planet of the Apps. Nicole is a woman in tech and one of the few women that's also in the venture capitalist space ...
Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Ep. 072: Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss is the Founder of Link of Hearts. She was one of the first people I discovered on social media whose business was centered around mental health. Elizabeth speaks ...
The Refined Woman

Ep. 070: Katherine Harris, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Refined Woman

Today's interview is with an inspiring woman that's not afraid to speak her truth and learn from her current and previous perspectives. Katherine Harris is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ...
Siggy Flicker

Ep. 063: Siggy Flicker, Author and TV Personality

Siggy Flicker is a TV Personality on the series Real Housewives of New Jersey and author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale. In this interview, Siggy talks about some of ...
Almost 30 Podcast Founders

Ep. 061: Lindsey Simcik & Krista Williams, Founders of Almost 30 Podcast

Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams are the hosts and founders of Almost 30 Podcast. These inspiring ladies first became friends before becoming business partners. Today, they host and publish weekly ...
Aija Mayrock

Ep. 059: Aija Mayrock, Author & Activist

Aija Mayrock is an activist and the author of The Survival Guide to Bullying. The bullying she experienced in school began when another girl decided to dress up as Aija for ...
Polina Montano

Ep. 057: Polina Montano, Co-Founder of Job Today

Polina Montano is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Job Today. Polina Montano is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but now based in Barcelona, Spain. She is a successful ...
Dominique Broadway

Ep. 055: Dominique Broadway, Personal Finance Expert

Dominique Broadway is a personal finance expert, woman of faith, entrepreneur, woman in tech, and overall positive human being. In this interview, she shares how she's always been interested in ...
Paula Celestino

Ep. 053: Paula Celestino, Co-Founder of Crea7ive

Exciting News: WOWW Campaign now has a *secret* Facebook group that was created to bring women together from all over the world. In this group, only members will be able to ...
Kristina Yeo

Ep. 050: Kristina Yeo, Model & Mental Health Activist

Kristina Yeo is a model and mental health activist. I found Kristina through social media when her posts about mental health illnesses began to catch my attention. She spoke openly ...
Jessica Rodriguez

Ep. 048: Jessica Rodriguez, Host of #DayDreamAchievers Podcast

{{LISTEN TO THE WOWW CAMPAIGN PODCAST ON ITUNES}} Jessica Rodriguez is a business and visibility strategist, and also the founder and host of #DayDreamAchievers podcast. I knew I had to interview ...
Susan Petersen, Founder of Freshly Picked

Ep. 046: Susan Petersen, Founder of Freshly Picked

{{LISTEN TO THE WOWW CAMPAIGN PODCAST ON ITUNES}} While preparing to publish today's podcast interview with Susan Petersen, Hurricane Harvey began to unfold in Houston, TX. Texas was my home for ...
Natalie Franke

Ep. 041: Natalie Franke, Founder of Rising Tide Society

Natalie Franke is the founder of Rising Tide Society - a community for creative entrepreneurs. In this interview, Natalie shares what she's learned as an entrepreneur and some of the ...
Wicked Good Cupcakes

Ep. 034: Tracey Noonan & Dani Vilagie, Founders of Wicked Good Cupcakes

Tracey Noonan and Dani Vilagie are a mother-daughter duo that started a cupcake business together. They're the owners of Wicked Good Cupcakes and were also on ABC's show, Shark Tank, ...
Cici B.

Ep. 026: Cici B., Author & @TheCrimsonKiss

This podcast episode is an interview with author, Cici B. She began writing as a child because she was too shy to express herself verbally. Today, she is a successful self-published ...
Najwa Zebian

Ep. 023: Najwa Zebian, Author of Mind Platter & Nectar of Pain

Najwa Zebian is an author who began to write because she was determined to find her voice. Her books The Nectar of Pain and Mind Platter include motivational poems that ...
Nicole Forbes

Ep. 019: Nicole Forbes, Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships at Media Temple

Nicole Forbes and I first met virtually (thank you, Twitter) in 2015 due to a tweet that went viral about an event that WOWW Campaign was hosting in Austin, TX ...
Kimothy Joy Pikor

Ep. 015: Kimothy Joy Pikor, Illustrator for Social Change

Kimothy Joy Pikor is an illustrator for social change whose creative traits can be seen through images aimed at empowering women in many different forms. In this interview, we discuss ...
Chinae Alexander

Ep. 013: Chinae Alexander, Blogger & Social Media Influencer

Chinae Alexander is an Adidas Brand Ambassador & social media influencer. She created an Instagram account to voice her authenticity and unique perspectives about topics related to health and fitness ...
Catherine Stiles

Ep. 009: Catherine Stiles, President of Barbecue Wife

Catherine Stiles is the president of Barbecue Wife - a bloody mary mix company headquartered in Austin, TX. In this interview, we discuss some of her experiences as an entrepreneur and ...
The WOWW Campaign Podcast

Ep. 008: Women @ SXSW – Part II

It's 2017 and technology is more prevalent than it ever has been. I decided to interview women during the SXSW Interactive portion of the festival to raise awareness for women ...
The WOWW Campaign Podcast

Ep. 007: Women @ SXSW – Part I

During SXSW Interactive, WOWW Campaign interviewed women from all over the country at various events in Austin, TX. They all had to answer the same question: "What has been your ...
Samantha Fishbein Co-Founder at Betches

Ep. 006: Samantha Fishbein, Co-Founder & COO at Betches

Samantha Fishbein is the COO & Co-Founder of @Betches. In this interview, Samantha talks about the importance of knowing yourself and doing the emotional work in order to have the ...
Melody Afkami

Ep. 004: Melody Afkami, Founder of Melody DanceFit

Melody Afkami talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and what made her leave her corporate job in order to follow her passion and start Melody DanceFit - dance fitness classes ...
Emily Phelps Eyelash Guru

Ep. 003: Emily Phelps, Founder of The Eyelash Guru

Emily Phelps talks about overcoming an infidelity and the lessons that a breakup left behind. Aside from losing her father at the age of 15, Emily says that discovering she ...
Rachel Holtin

Ep. 002: Rachel Holtin, Founder of @AustinFoodStagram

Rachel Holtin is the founder of @AustinFoodstagram and Social Media Manager at Favor. She discusses how and why she decided to become a social media influencer by promoting restaurants and local ...