Siggy FlickerSiggy Flicker is a TV Personality on the series Real Housewives of New Jersey and author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale. In this interview, Siggy talks about some of the challenges associated with being on a reality show and the lessons she’s learned as a result of her career. You’ll also hear her share the lessons she absorbed as a result of her divorce and the dynamics between her and her ex-husband that encouraged her to embrace her voice and spread this message. Siggy’s divorce led her to her now husband and love of her life, Mark Flicker, whom she discusses in detail. Our conversation is full of valuable insight that can be applied to those currently in relationships or those open to finding their ideal partner one day.

Siggy also shares her perspective regarding solitude and how this can be a positive contributor when you’re finally ready to engage in a romantic relationship. She also highlights the importance of having passion between two people and how this aspect allowed her and her husband to continue building their life together. When she married Mark, he was not emotionally or financially able to take on the responsibility of having a spouse. And despite people’s efforts to discourage their union, Siggy Flicker chose to follow her intuition and start a new chapter of her life with this man. She says that “it was one of the best decisions she ever made.” Siggy encourages women to make choices based on their own intuitive feelings instead of external sources that have the ability to steer us in the wrong direction.

In the new season of RHONJ, Siggy discusses how this time, the drama comes to her front door. In the past, Siggy is known to be the intermediary between conflict as she tried to reunite old friendships. However, this season is different because instead of being targeted as the peacemaker, she is targeted as a source of conflict. During our conversation, she goes into detail about how she’s learned to avoid and eliminate toxicity in her life, including people. We go into why this is important and pivotal for your success as you encounter different chapters in life and set sights on new goals.

The interview with Siggy Flicker is one that will not only inspire you, but also make you laugh. Siggy’s no BS approach to life and circumstances provide wisdom that can be applied to many different age groups and relationships.