Ep. 118: Ala’a Agha Karss, Founder & CTO of Superiors ICT

Ala'a Agha Karss

Ala'a Agha KarssAla’a Agha Karss is the Founder and CTO of Superiors ICT in the Middle East. In this episode, you hear about many of her personal and professional experiences that helped mold her into the woman, mother and entrepreneur she is today. At 29 years old, Ala’a is the owner of a technology company she started with few resources and with the intention of providing herself and her daughter a better future.

Ala’a considers herself a fighter who isn’t afraid to leave her comfort zone and challenge society’s expectations. She decided to divorce her husband, who she married at the age of 15. At the time of their divorce, Ala’a was a single mother who also had to fight to keep custody of her daughter. She discusses the challenging circumstances that resulted in a plethora lessons, self-awareness and ultimately, inner strength.

Ala’a also shares some of the financial lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur and how she has been able to grow her company. She believes that many times, growth requires resources, which is why it’s important to be conscious and realistic about new opportunities that may not be feasible at the time that they’re offered. Regardless of the topic covered, Ala’a Agha Karss shows us what it’s like to take full responsibility for the choices we make and the scenarios we attract into our lives.

From pushing through society’s norms and expectations to breaking through glass ceilings for women in technology, this conversation with Ala’a is full of inspirational testimonials for women of all ages and in various regions of the world.



Ep. 114: Juliana Mulholland, Founder of Desert to Sea Travel

Juliana Mulholland

Juliana MulhollandJuliana Mulholland is the founder of Desert to Sea Travel. She first started her career as an attorney and made the transition into entrepreneurship when she realized her lifestyle did not make her an ideal candidate for a law firm.

She is now a travel advisor who says her law degree helped her become a better negotiator and communicator. In this episode, Juliana talks about some of the lessons she’s learned in her professional journey as an entrepreneur. She also opens up about a personal circumstance that shifted her perspective in many different ways, allowing her to look at the complexity of the human condition in a whole new light.

When one of her best friends passed away unexpectedly, Juliana was surprised by the circumstances and the emotional aftermath. During the conversation with Juliana, you’ll hear her thoughts on mental health and why she now believes it’s important to discuss these topics openly and candidly. Enjoy the podcast episode with Juliana Mulholland!



Ep. 104: Janna Ronert, Founder & CEO of Image Skincare

Janna Ronert Image Skincare

Janna Ronert Image SkincareJanna Ronert is the Founder and CEO of IMAGE Skincare. In this interview, she shares what she’s learned as an entrepreneur for the past fifteen years. At each stage of her business, Janna has evolved into a different leader and also acquired insight into what it takes to run a successful company.

Janna’s story is one of perseverance and the power of determination. She’s a woman with tenacity that is not afraid to push through the obstacles. Janna shares her initial financial struggles as an entrepreneur and how she didn’t allow that to discourage her. In every aspect of her life, Janna believes in planning and setting boundaries in order to give the moment at-hand her undivided attention.

Whether it’s managing her family dynamics or learning how to better manage people, Janna shares what characteristics she believes make a difference when it comes to assimilating into each role. She’s an inspirational woman that has set and accomplished goals through hard work and dedication. Enjoy the interview with Janna Ronert.



Ep. 094: Elsie Escobar & Jessica Kupferman, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Jessica Kupferman & Elsie Escobar, Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts

Jessica Kupferman & Elsie Escobar, Hosts and Founders of She PodcastsElsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman are the Hosts and Founders of She Podcasts. In this interview, they talk about how and why they started She Podcasts, where their community is today, life lessons they’ve learned, entrepreneurship and overcoming personal challenges.

Elsie and Jessica first started the She Podcasts Facebook community because they saw a need in the marketplace for female podcasters. Today, She Podcasts is a Facebook group of 7,000 members that serves as a network of support for women interested in gaining more knowledge about podcasting. Their own podcast came as a direct result of their group asking that a podcast like theirs exist.

With digital marketing experience, they launched their successful podcast that today helps many women start their own platform or grow what they currently have. This journey has taught them both many lessons and left them with experiences that they share during today’s episode. You’ll gain insight about leadership and how they’ve each stepped into their ever-evolving roles.

Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman also talk about the impact their personal life has had and what experiences and circumstances shifted their recent perspective. Enjoy today’s interview!



Ep. 092: Katherine Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic

Katherine Ryder

Katherine RyderKatherine Ryder is the Founder & CEO of Maven Clinic. Maven is a women’s health company where women have the opportunity to be connected to family health providers through a digital clinic. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear Katherine share her experiences as an entrepreneur, wife, mother and journalist.

Katherine Ryder was a journalist when she decided to do something about the fact that women are underserved in the healthcare system. Maven Clinic was created from a need in the marketplace that today helps women with a wide range of healthcare needs.

During this interview with Katherine Ryder, you’ll hear her thoughts regarding “balance” and what she’s learned about managing all of her roles simultaneously. Katherine also discusses how her perspectives about women’s health began to shift when she became a mother and experienced first-hand what the healthcare system had to offer. From mental health to OBGYN needs, Maven caters to all of women’s needs that we see today.

Enjoy this insightful interview with Katherine Ryder, a woman in technology who’s changing healthcare access and paving the way for other female entrepreneurs who aspire to turn their passion into their profession, while managing to have a healthy relationship with their career and personal life.



Ep. 090: Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho Organics

Heidi Lovig, Founder of Heidi Ho OrganicsHeidi Lovig is the Founder of Heidi Ho Organics. You may recognize Heidi Loving due to an appearance on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank when she pitched her business to the sharks and landed an investment with Lori Greiner. Heidi is a chef and now an entrepreneur who is focused on promoting female entrepreneurship while encouraging others to do what they love. In this interview, you’ll hear Heidi share various life lessons associated with both her personal and professional life.

Bullying in her childhood led to Heidi being home schooled, but was later the catalyst for the immense feelings of empathy and compassion she now displays towards others. She shares what those experiences were like and the long-lasting impact they left on her spirit. Although many of the lessons she’s absorbed in her life have been painful and expensive, Heidi mentions that they’ve allowed for the present moment to exist, making her grateful it all happened.

This inspiring conversation is a peek into Heidi Lovig’s positive and uplifting spirit. Enjoy the episode on the WOWW Campaign podcast!



Ep. 088: Liat Mordechay Hertanu, Co-Founder & CMO of 24me App

Liat Hertanu

Liat HertanuLiat Mordechay Hertanu is the Co-Founder & CMO of 24me and a woman in tech. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, she shares her experiences and life lessons with WOWW Campaign in a candid and inspirational podcast interview. With more than 2 million apps in the marketplace, in 2014, 24me was awarded “One of the Best Apps” by Apple. 24me is available in more than 13 different languages, including Spanish. Liat and her husband are life partners and business partners as well. They started their technology company together and today, manage both their household and business side-by-side.

In this episode, Liat shares how she always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and why she studied Computer Science. She also goes into detail about the many benefits that came alongside this major and why she encourages women everywhere to go into this field of study. As a computer science major, Liat Hertanu discusses the many opportunities she’s been exposed to as a result of her technical background and experience.

During the episode, you’ll hear how Liat feels about simultaneously being an entrepreneur and mother and how she successfully manages both without being tied to the idea of perfectionism. While 24me and her children both demand her time and attention, Liat Hertanu understands that it’s impossible to be in all places at the same time while equally dividing herself. Her vulnerability and ability to be honest about the many different aspects of her life make this an interview you don’t want to miss.



Ep. 078: Crystal Huang, CEO & Co-Founder of Prosky

Crystal Huang

Crystal HuangCrystal Huang is an entrepreneur, wife and mother. Crystal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Prosky: “a one-stop hub for job training and job recruiting.” In this interview, Crystal Huang discusses how previous failures with other businesses she started helped her in the long-run. She talks about the value behind making mistakes and embracing the journey you’re currently on because it has the power to help you at a later date.

Crystal talks about her experience as a mother and how managing various roles simultaneously has also been a learning curve. At the beginning, she mentions that she wasn’t as present as she is now, which ultimately made her more productive and focused. Whether she’s at work or at home, she now knows how valuable it is to give whatever is in front of you your undivided attention. Crystal’s vulnerability and desire to continue learning and evolving as a mother, wife and leader is heard throughout the interview.

Crystal Huang is a female leader who isn’t afraid to make mistakes, apply the lessons and repeat. Her experiences have place her in unique situations and circumstance in the technology space, an area where women are underrepresented and often struggling to be heard. However, this hasn’t prevented Crystal from exploring new opportunities and shifting her perspective in order achieve her personal and professional goals. This podcast interview with Crystal Huang is sure to motivate, inspire and encourage you to look at less-than-great circumstances with a fresh perspective.


Ep. 072: Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss

Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss is the Founder of Link of Hearts. She was one of the first people I discovered on social media whose business was centered around mental health. Elizabeth speaks openly about her journey with depression and how that’s played a role at different stages in her life.

In this interview, you’ll hear us discuss how shame and limiting beliefs often determines how we communicate with other people about what it is that we are experiencing. Now that Elizabeth is aware of the depressive episodes, she implements the tools necessary she’s acquired throughout her life in order to navigate through the difficult moments. In this episode, we go into detail about what it looks like to live with depression and how that affects an entrepreneurs daily routine.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you are self-motivated and passionate about your work in order to move past challenging circumstances that have the ability to slow you down. Elizabeth and I talk about how we handle hardships now compared to how it was handled before we knew how to embrace or recognize these moments for what they were. This interview is sure to inspire you in more ways than one as well as raise awareness for mental health topics.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please seek support because it’s an illness that requires a network of people that are willing and able to provide guidance and unconditional love. All links to things referenced in this interview will be listed below as well. Please let us know in the comments of this post on http://www.WOWWcampaign.com if this conversation inspired or helped you in any way.


Ep. 070: Katherine Harris, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Refined Woman

The Refined Woman

Katherine HarrisToday’s interview is with an inspiring woman that’s not afraid to speak her truth and learn from her current and previous perspectives. Katherine Harris is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Refined Woman. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear us discuss everything from entrepreneurship, relationship goals, family life, vulnerability, spirituality, health, and more!

Kat Harris shares how her perspectives have evolved over time and with those changes, have come new experiences that have taught her to keep moving forward. Kat openly discusses the difficulties behind entrepreneurship and discouraging moments that lead to stress and self-doubt. The Refined Woman was created to inspire women through interviews and although they have a social mission, the journey has also come with obstacles, like many other businesses. During the interview, you’ll hear Kat talk about what these challenges have looked like and what the journey of The Refined Woman has looked like. If you’ve felt discouraged as a result of life taking on new forms, you’ll enjoy this inspirational conversation with Kat Harris.

In her life, Kat has also learned to listen more to her emotional and mental needs, especially after encountering difficult physical circumstances that forced her to slow down and evaluate her workload and how she was incorporating ‘balance’ into her routine. In this episode, this is also one of the few times I discuss my TIA (transient stroke) and how that made me realize that regardless of age or lifestyle, no one is invincible and often, what we can’t see or measure is what hurts us most.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Katherine Harris! Links to The Refined Woman and their respective social media pages are below. Please let us know how this interview inspired you or made you look at things differently by leaving your comments in this post.



Five {5} Things You Should Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming An EntrepreneurWe’ve all heard how hard entrepreneurship can be. Before I became an entrepreneur and started WOWW Campaign, I read books, inspirational quotes, and asked mentors an assortment of questions. My goal was to absorb as much information as I could because as a recovering perfectionist, I wanted to make sure I predicted hardship before it actually happened. As unrealistic as this may sound, I thought I could control the probability of surprises and negative outcomes, which is not what happened at all and one of the reasons I chose to write this article. I’ve only been an entrepreneur for a few years, but there are five things I wish I would have known before I started my journey as an entrepreneur:

1. Your mental strength is more important than any of your accomplishments.
2. Your friends and family won’t be your biggest cheerleaders.
3. “The end” is reached when you quit, not when you fall. 
4. If you’re afraid to sell, things will be much more difficult.
5. Be extra frugal.

1. Your mental strength is more important than any of your accomplishments.

Shortly after I started WOWW Campaign, I experienced a lot of unexpected growth. The Austin, TX community embraced my mission and began to look forward to new interviews being published. The events I later organized and hosted were always sold-out and well-received, which gave me a boost of confidence and subconsciously, energized me to keep going. I checked off those accomplishments as if achieving them was the most important thing I had done. When I later encountered hardship the day after my most successful event with Apple, I became paralyzed because I was under the assumption that the state of excitement I was previously exposed to over the course of a few months would be more permanent than temporary. I certainly was not equipped mentally or emotionally for the turbulence that lied ahead.

I can now say with certainty that the immediate positive experiences I was privy to after launching WOWW Campaign is not the norm among entrepreneurs, but I’m glad it happened because I was forced to examine internal factors that would dictate external conditions. Shortly after the peak of my success in my first year as an entrepreneur, I catapulted into the lowest moment of my life when my grandmother suddenly passed away. When I found myself unable to move past the negative mindset, I knew the problem was much bigger than I was capable of embracing at the time.

It’s easy to ride the wave when things are going well. Waking up in a good mood comes with ease when things are falling into place, but what happens when things around you are falling apart? Who are you in those times when nothing seems to be going right? This is where your mental strength plays a huge role in your future, and ultimately, your success. As Najwa Zebian, one of the guests on the podcast said: “strong doesn’t mean you cover up your weaknesses.” Strength comes from recognition and acceptance. I had to recognize and accept that I needed time to grieve and process my sadness because I was far from okay. Reaching recognition was the hardest part because my initial reaction was to pretend I didn’t feel numb inside. My business couldn’t move forward in any way until I defined what ‘moving forward’ would look like for me.

Life is bound to get in the way of our entrepreneurial endeavors, so be prepared for the unexpected to take over. As entrepreneurs, it’s essential that we feed our perspective so that when things get tough, we look for the lessons and embrace the reality instead of running away from our pain.

2. Your friends and family won’t be your biggest cheerleaders.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting endeavor and our excitement towards our product, service or cause is one of the most important survival traits we can possess. However, that excitement doesn’t translate to our friends and family and if you’re under the assumption that they will be there to provide unsolicited encouragement, you will be greatly disappointed.

By far, some of my greatest supporters have been strangers and people that I’ve only gotten to know through social media. At first, this was difficult to assimilate because I assumed that those that were aware of my journey would be the first to congratulate me every time I reached a new milestone. Wrong. The truth is, becoming an entrepreneur requires a type of courage that many people don’t have. And many times, our bravery and enthusiasm serves as a mirror to those that wish they could take on something challenging, but can’t. The quicker you realize this, the less likely you are to be disappointed. It’s never personal and in the end, no one will care about your business as much as you do.

3. ‘The end’ is reached when you quit, not when you fall.

Earlier this year, I had to come face-to-face with my greatest lover: perfectionismOnce I realized how attached I was to this idea and how much it dictated my path, I decided to write a letter and break up with perfection. If you’re like me and struggle starting or finishing tasks, ask yourself “why?” What I discovered was that if everything wasn’t “just right” or “perfect,” I wanted nothing to do with it. I researched things extensively and used that as an excuse when in reality, I was too afraid to fall. Realizing that perfection doesn’t exist was ultimately what broke me free of myself. Taking action and moving forward became easier when I no longer saw falling as something that would destroy me.

Entrepreneurs are not psychics. You can be the smartest individual with the most impressive resume and you will still make mistakes at some point. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that you’re only defeated when you decide to quit. Become inquisitive towards yourself when you notice behavioral patterns because the answers are already there, we just have to dig and be humble enough to accept the dark truths that stand in our way.

4. If you’re afraid to sell, things will be much more difficult.

Whether you’re in a for-profit business or not, all entrepreneurs have to sell their vision. You have to sell to gain new customers, grow your audience, and hire new people. This is not something I had to overcome, rather something I’ve used to move me forward. When I interview well-known women, I get asked the infamous question: “how did you contact them?!” The answer is simple and has varied slightly: I Googled their name and found a contact form on their website. It is really that simple. I have never been afraid to pick up the phone and make a cold-call because if I don’t ask, there’s a 100% chance I won’t have the opportunity to interview them on the podcast. But, asking decreases my chance of rejection by 50%! As a lover of all things data and numbers, I like the odds of cold-calling.

I see many creatives become enamored with their craft while forgetting they still need to make a profit if they plan on keeping their doors open. No one will know you exist if you’re afraid to talk about the service you offer or the product you sell. Talking about the mission requires selling the idea to other people that may not know anything about the cause. Self-awareness will allow you to be honest with yourself about whether or not this is a trait you possess or are capable of acquiring. Recognizing this part of entrepreneurship will also allow you to make hiring decisions to replace your weaknesses with someone else’s strength.

5. An entrepreneur should be extra frugal.

One of the earliest mistakes I made was believing that you needed money to make money. Not true. In fact, I’ve learned the hard way that many times, the less you have, the more creative you become. Your passion towards the work you do should be your greatest asset, not the number of commas in your checking account. When you take in loans or investors, it’s not earned income and therefore, it’s treated differently. On the other hand, when everything you earn has required hard work, it is valued much more. An entrepreneur should take inventory of how they see money when it’s in their possession. Do you make your dollars stretch or do you take the cash for granted?

The relationship an entrepreneur has with money is often full of insightful lessons that have nothing to do with your college education or business experience. For me, my beliefs stemmed from childhood environments that relayed the following message: I wasn’t worthy unless I was making significant income. When you start a business, it’s likely you’ll go extended periods of time before generating a profit. So if your worth is tied to this, it’s no surprise the dark times will feel heavier than they should, making it difficult to focus on long-term goals instead of temporary circumstances. Get used to having less and doing more when it comes to money because the rewards are worth it.


Ep. 057: Polina Montano, Co-Founder of Job Today

Polina Montano

Polina Montano
Polina Montano is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Job Today. Polina Montano is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, but now based in Barcelona, Spain. She is a successful woman in technology who started her career in retail where she worked for one of the largest oil companies in the world.

In this interview, you’ll hear Polina discuss how her passion for people has translated into her career and the role that plays in her life today. She’s fascinated by human behavior and providing something valuable for those searching for a job, regardless of where they are in the world, which is her key function at Job Today. At the age of 18, Polina Montano left her home in Russia for an internship in Amsterdam. This opportunity began to change her perspective about the types of possibilities that she could potentially be privy to, making her hungry for more knowledge and eventually, various goals that would manifest in different ways.

Polina is a woman in technology whose story will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. She was a delight to interview because of her consistent positive perspective about all topics discussed, ranging from raising children as an entrepreneur, to her need to discover the world through people.



Ep. 053: Paula Celestino, Co-Founder of Crea7ive

Paula Celestino

Paula Celestino
Exciting News: 
WOWW Campaign now has a *secret* Facebook group that was created to bring women together from all over the world. In this group, only members will be able to submit questions {English & Spanish} for future podcast guests! All women are invited to join the WOWW Group on Facebook. My goal is to make this a space where women can be vulnerable and/or provide inspiration for others through quotes, stories and life lessons. Over time, I will be working on providing special promotions exclusively to WOWW Group members as I partner with brands and companies. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Paula Celestino is today’s WOWW Campaign podcast guest. She is the Co-Founder of Crea7ive Interactive Advertising. Crea7ive’s portfolio includes global brands such as Wendy’s and Kraft. Paula and her sister are both sources of inspiration not only for what they’ve accomplished professionally, but also what they’ve had to endure in their personal lives. In this conversation with Paula, she shares what it was initially like to be an immigrant in the United States after having to leave her native country, Argentina. Paula and her family came to the United States after economic circumstances led to them losing everything and being forced to start over in a country they saw as a land of opportunity.

Paula’s sister always showed interest in technology, which eventually became the catalyst for their business. When Paula’s father became ill and they were unable to pay for the medical care, Paula’s mother offered the physician a website for his practice in exchange for medical services. That was the beginning of Crea7ive and as Paula said: “the rest is history.”

Paula shares the emotional experience behind assimilating to a new culture and creating opportunities that would give her and her family a better life. In this conversation, we discuss the impact that today’s political climate has on immigrants and children of immigrants in order to shed light on the mindset that many people bring when they decide to leave their native countries. This was important for me to discuss not only because I’m first-generation American born, but also because of the constant debate surrounding immigration policy. Before coming up with solutions, it’s important that we understand the impact of reforms and laws, and how this has the ability to cripple entire generations and most importantly, the future. We have to constantly look forward, which includes analyzing how today’s choices will be tomorrow’s consequences. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but I believe that sharing stories such as Paula Celestino’s is a start in the right direction.

Crea7ive Interactive Advertising

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WOWW Group
“FEMALE is my greatest asset” Tee

Ep. 048: Jessica Rodriguez, Host of #DayDreamAchievers Podcast

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez


Jessica Rodriguez is a business and visibility strategist, and also the founder and host of #DayDreamAchievers podcast. I knew I had to interview Jessica after I read her email detailing what her life had been thus far and the lessons she had learned along the way. I was in the middle of a workout when her email came through, which literally made me stop and gasp for air many times due to the vulnerability expressed in her writing.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about Jessica’s personal battle with a mental health illness that began long before she became an entrepreneur. However, as in most cases, we can not address what we suppress. It wasn’t until Jessica found herself in challenging circumstances that she was able to discover the root of the chaos that later turned into her passion. She experienced financial and emotional hardship that forced her to evaluate why she was in circumstances that were only serving to bring more anxiety and stress rather than happiness.

Depression and anxiety are topics dear to my heart because of my own personal lifelong struggles, so I appreciate Jessica’s willingness to be vulnerable and raw in order to help and inspire other people that may be going through a similar scenario. There’s a plethora of inspiration in this conversation with Jessica Rodriguez that will hopefully cause you to lean into self-awareness and explore your own struggles in a way that’s inquisitive and for the purpose of better serving yourself and other people around you.

Link to Jessica Rodriguez’s Website:

Link to Interview between Joy Pecoraro & Jessica Rodriguez on #DAYDREAMACHIEVERS Podcast:

Link to WOWW Shop:

Link to “FEMALE is my greatest asset” Collection:

Link to “Unstoppable” Collection:

Ep. 046: Susan Petersen, Founder of Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen, Founder of Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen, Founder of Freshly Picked


While preparing to publish today’s podcast interview with Susan Petersen, Hurricane Harvey began to unfold in Houston, TX. Texas was my home for 9 years and a place that will always own a piece of my heart for a multitude of reasons. I wrote a blog post about the impact the state of Texas had in my life and how I’ve chosen to get involved and help the victims of this landmark event. From now until the end of 2017, I will be donating 50% of our profits from our “FEMALE is my greatest asset” & “Unstoppable” collection to help the people of Houston that will endure financial hardship from expenses related to the massive flooding. If you’d like to read the full blog post about how WOWW Campaign will help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, you can do that through this link. In the meantime, I urge you to get involved in any way possible – our country, our neighbors, our children, and humanity need our help. Complete strangers from all different walks of life coming together during times of crisis are what make America great.

This collection was inspired by the legacy of my sweet grandmother {Mamatita}
“FEMALE is my greatest asset” Products

This collection was inspired by the quote: “A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better”
“Unstoppable” Products:

Susan Petersen is the founder of Freshly Picked. In 2014, Susan appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, which is where I first discovered her and those adorable baby moccasins that have people {including celebrities} addicted to her brand. I don’t have children, but her style and overall “vibe” caught my attention from the beginning. When my friends started having children and posting their pictures across social media channels, there was a common denominator: Freshly Picked baby moccasins. I knew then that I wanted to interview Susan on The WOWW Campaign Podcast.

In this interview, Susan shares how her role as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur has evolved and taken on many forms. Fortunately, Susan has picked up many valuable lessons and insight along the way that has not only helped her, but others around her as well. We discuss whether or not women can have it all and the logistics required in order to run an efficient and “happy” household. Because happiness looks different for everyone, in this interview you’ll hear us emphasize the importance of finding what works for you. Today, Susan has 96 employees and her baby moccasins can also be found in Nordstrom stores.

Susan Petersen’s entrepreneurial journey will leave you feeling inspired and thinking you can do it, too. Her unapologetic perspective about finding the right components that help her household work together is courageous and admirable because subconsciously, she’s encouraging women that are listening to own and stand behind their voice as well. Thank you Susan for embracing vulnerability and paving the way for aspiring female entrepreneurs to see what they can be.

Freshly Picked: https://freshlypicked.com/

WOWW Shop: https://wowwcampaign.threadless.com/collections

Ep. 041: Natalie Franke, Founder of Rising Tide Society

Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke
Natalie Franke is the founder of Rising Tide Society – a community for creative entrepreneurs. In this interview, Natalie shares what she’s learned as an entrepreneur and some of the unexpected hardships she’s had to overcome. Recently, her business was acquired by Honeybook, which was a tremendous triumph and something that wasn’t incorporated in the original business plan. Today, the Rising Tide Society has more than 70,000 members and is constantly growing. Natalie shares a lot of her wisdom and insight as a woman in the tech space and someone who advocates for individuals to make their passion serve as their purpose.


Ep. 034: Tracey Noonan & Dani Vilagie, Founders of Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes
Tracey Noonan and Dani Vilagie are a mother-daughter duo that started a cupcake business together. They’re the owners of Wicked Good Cupcakes and were also on ABC’s show, Shark Tank, which got them a deal with “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary. In this interview, they discuss what it’s been like to work together as well as how they’ve navigated both professional and personal challenging circumstances such as mental health and family dynamics. As one of the shows biggest {& most hardcore fans}, I’m honored to share this interview with the world. You’ll enjoy their straightforward approach to life and feel inspired by the nuggets of wisdom they share along the way. Enjoy!

Wicked Good Cupcakes Website: https://www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com


Ep. 026: Cici B., Author & @TheCrimsonKiss

Cici B.

Cici B.
This podcast episode is an interview with author, Cici B. She began writing as a child because she was too shy to express herself verbally. Today, she is a successful self-published author of many books including Letters To My Ex, Blush, and many others. In our conversation, she explains how her childhood played a role in her career along with the lessons she learned about herself through her romantic relationships. This interview is full of candid, vulnerable and raw insight that’ll leave you inspired and motivated to pursue your own goals. Cici can be found across all social media platforms @TheCrimsonKiss.

UPDATE: Cici B. and Joy Pecoraro are collaborating to host a twice per month series on The WOWW Campaign Podcast titled “Joy and Cici Unfiltered” where they will be answering audience questions and discussing topic suggestions. #JoyandCiciUnfiltered


Ep. 019: Nicole Forbes, Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships at Media Temple

Nicole Forbes

Nicole Forbes
Nicole Forbes and I first met virtually (thank you, Twitter) in 2015 due to a tweet that went viral about an event that WOWW Campaign was hosting in Austin, TX. In this interview, you’ll hear us discuss the series of events that took part during that time and why so many women were upset with us. Through that experience, we both learned about communication and the importance of assessing situations before reacting.

Nicole holds a role as Enterprise & Strategic Partnerships at Media Temple. She is a woman in technology who advocates for other women by providing mentorship opportunities and remaining active in the industry. As a single mom of two, she discusses how she manages to fulfill all of her roles and busy travel schedule. She’s an example that women have the power to find alternative solutions in order to obtain the life we want. This interview is full of candid conversations about relationships and the impact they have on our personal development as well as the importance of corporate diversity and the responsibility we all have to become part of the solution.


Ep. 015: Kimothy Joy Pikor, Illustrator for Social Change

Kimothy Joy Pikor

Kimothy Joy Pikor
Kimothy Joy Pikor is an illustrator for social change whose creative traits can be seen through images aimed at empowering women in many different forms. In this interview, we discuss the importance of intentional work and the role that life events have played in her life. Losing her mom to breast cancer in 2009 was the catalyst for her to continue chasing joy in her life and giving back through her creative work. Today, Kimothy’s work can be found through social campaigns such as “Letters to Your Senator” which is a free downloadable illustration of women that can be sent as a postcard from her website kimothyjoy.com

Kimothy Joy Website: https://www.kimothyjoy.com
The Future is Female Prints: https://www.kimothyjoy.com/shop/the-future-is-female-11×14-art-print